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Random Floppy Access

By Coolcolly2789 ·

I don't know if I am allowed to create a discussion asking for help but I figured well this site is full of people who haves tons and tons of computer experience.

So my problem is that while i'm running my computer doing anything doesn't matter what it is that i'm doing my floppy drive will start searching for a floppy disk to read from or act like it's trying to read a floppy. you know the green LED goes on and this only lasts for maybe 3 seconds, nothing pops up on my desktop or anything and none of my programs that I KNOW of are set to read or write to a floppy drive at a certain time or what not.

I am running windows XP Pro w/ SP2 and all latest updates I believe.
CPU: P4 3.0E GHz HT
MEM: 1024MB

If i'm not allowed to post in here about this topic please delete the topic and sorry for the troubles. but if I am allowed can someone please let me know where I could possibly start to fix this problem, it is starting to get annoying.


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No, You're in the right place :-)

by dawgit In reply to Random Floppy Access

In spite of a little bickering now and then this is the right place. So, please ask all the questions you want. (It's what the Tech-Rep. is all about. And when someone asks a question, we all learn.)
Now, for your question, I don't have 'THE' answer to your situation (someone else will have a better idea, I'm sure) but, you could try to exchange flopy drives. They do go bad. From what you described, your machine is not old, so the flopy isn't dying of old age, but maybe it's just a 'bad one' in the batch. Flopys now are often overlooked, and I've noticed a drop in quality control in the production. (some computers, now don't even come with flopy drives) It's seems to me that they're being made in the sweat-shop world of the industry. (only my opinion) Just as long as they're there, people are happy. I have seen that problem occur with the flopy drive, (it seemed the drive kept detecting a flopy, but since there was none, the OS didn't react) and changing the flopy drive solved the problem.

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and BTW

by dawgit In reply to Random Floppy Access

It was just your timeing, if you didn't get a quick responce. It was a Sunday, and most of the members were enjoying their day off. Don't worry, when they wake up you get more than just me.
Enjoy :-)

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by Coolcolly2789 In reply to and BTW

Thanks, yeah it's all right I am in no hurry and I understand that everyone enjoys their days off.

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One possibility:

by TonytheTiger In reply to Random Floppy Access

Have you ever opened a document on a floppy? Several applications keep a history of the last few items they opened, and checkfor the presence of these whenever you open the program. Also check for shortcuts on your desktop pointing to items that are/were on a floppy.

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by Coolcolly2789 In reply to One possibility:

well i have opened i think maybe a few word documents or pictures and i have written files to the floppy for other computers not too long ago but i will try to check... wish there was a way to search the history of my floppy drive. haha

thanks by the way i will see if any programs are looking for files and then i might consider replacing it.... just seems like it's just windows being weird. I will install linux and see if it keeps doing it.

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