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Random Reboot of NT 4 SP6

By rlstill ·
Running a NT 4 system that has started to reboot itself randomly. The problem has been worsening over time. Most recently the system roboot shortly after entering the Logon Password & while the startup items were loading. Other times the system runs for several hours before rebooting.
Having difficulty determining if there is a hardware or a software problem here (or both?)

Ran virus scan with latest definitions, Replaced the power supply, removed memory 1 stick at time, removed SCSI card, ran vide board diagnotics. Replaced Hard drive with separate drive loaded with Windows ME. System ran for a few hours before a reboot occurred.
Put NT drive back in, ran PC Bug Doctor (mistake?)

System Configuration:
K7T Motherboard, 256 MB RAM, Matrox Millenium Video card, Maxtor 40 G HDD, Logitech wireless Keyboard & Mouse, Wacom Graphics Tablet

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Random Reboot of NT 4 SP6

if it won't run with ME while hardly conclusive (snicker) sounds like you have ruled out software.
even so i wonder, what is in event log? but probably beside the point...
man this sounds like flakey or failed ram except you tried it...
maybe you only got half the memory now as before only you haven't snapped to that yet? how much did it have before? how much is reported now at blue screen boot? does it seem right? does performance monitor lead you to think system need more ram? did this system used to work?
what has changed?
if yes and nothing:
try new ram, make sure it is correct and installed correctly yada yada. try baking/cooling system to induce/reduce failure. check seating of all cards/ram/processor etc but sounds like you already did.
prepare for recovering this system when motherboard finally fails all the way...

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by rlstill In reply to Random Reboot of NT 4 SP6

Another detail: No BSOD. When it reboots the screen goes black and the system starts from scratch.
Also have monitored the temperatures & fan speeds with manufacturer supplied softwae. All within limits. Voltages good as well.

There is a new, whirring noise coming from the HDD area. I belive it is the second, data harddrive. Scandsk finds no problems with second drive. Has difficult time completing run on system drive.

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by Xanderoth In reply to Random Reboot of NT 4 SP6

without a log or bsod, this problem is usually hardware. I would reseat all hardware again and perhaps try a larger power supply. Also, are you on UPS? Dirty power can kick an OS into reboot exactly as you describe as well.

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by rlstill In reply to Random Reboot of NT 4 SP6

New Data: Bit the bullet and took the machine in and had diagnostics run on the Motherboard. Diagnostics showed it was a bad Motherboard. The motherboard has been replaced (kept the original CPU chip) and system is back up and running with no more re-boots.

Thanks to all for the suggestions.

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by rlstill In reply to Random Reboot of NT 4 SP6

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