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By Deadly Ernest ·
I have been fairly inactive for the last 12 months due to housing and family matters. However, having just started checking and responding to Q&A questions I noted that I have over half my previous answers are still unrated, many from 2 years ago.

There should be a time limit placed on how long people have to rate the answers, or on how long since they accessed and replied to them. At the end of this time the points should be assigned to the people who answered by TR.

I suggest that 12 months is more than long enough, six months may be more suitable, but I will leave that to TR managers to decide.

It would take to long for TR staff read the queastion and answers and assign points, they have better things to do. I suggest that a more suitable response would be have the points evenly apportioned between those who answered. This could be done by the use of a script that counted the number of answers and then divided that into the number of points and deduct the points from the questioners account; if the number is uneven then the assigned amount can be rounded up to the next full point and the extra points deducted. Another script could be used to provide have this done automatically each week.

Example of point assigment system - 1,000 points for question; 10 answers - each get 100 points. 1,000 points for question; 7 answers - each get 143 points and 1,001 points get deducted (143 x 7).

Please feel free to comment or improve.

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To beat the deceased equinine

by BFilmFan In reply to Rating Q & A answers

As Drew Carey says, "It's all made up and the points don't matter."

There have been some truly long threads discussing this issue and my observation is that since the points can't be used for anything, then it doesn't matter whether they ever rate a question or not.

When the points DO start to matter, then I've suggested that the ticket be autoclosed and points divided amongst whomever did supply an answer.

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Works for me

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to To beat the deceased equi ...

Do people have to have enough points to cover all the questions they ask? Some seem to have a lot of unrated questions they asked. We could certainly better manage the situation if points were put into escrow when people asked questions.

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I think

by jck In reply to Works for me

that 90 days would be sufficient time to come back and check your questions.

12 months? jeez. The only thing I haven't done in 12 go back to Ireland.

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Going home

by Cactus Pete In reply to I think

Aer Lingus has some really good deals right now. I like to check

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I will be

by jck In reply to Going home

going (if all the plans go well and the tax refund is enough) back to Ireland early next year, as well as visiting England and Scotland.

All my friends in England got upset that I was only a couple hundred miles away and didn't catch RyanAir or something to, I have to appease them this time around.

Loved Ireland...would live there if I could...but, takes money and I'm poor and spend most of my extra change on puter parts and Guinness and cheap cup-o-soup.

oh well...I'll be back there soon enough....thanks for the tip!

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IF you get the chance

by Oz_Media In reply to I will be

Hit southern England. I was born on the Isle of Wight, England's holday spot, and home of the annual Royal Yacht Regatta. SMall island, VERY quaint and pretty. Nice bunch of people and get this....more pubs per square mile than ANY other place on planet Earth. (though it's a pretty tiny island that is often confused with the Isle of Man). If you remember Guru, he lives right where the ferry & hovercraft for IOW leaves, drop him a line.

You can also see France without actually going there!

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if I go

by jck In reply to IF you get the chance

my first stop in England will be Portsmouth...flying into Southampton...going to see a friend I've not seen ina few years.

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Watch out for southerners !

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to IF you get the chance

They're all poofters !
Besides all the eer is eadless if you see what I mean.
Tee Hee

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dammit Tony

by jck In reply to IF you get the chance didn't get it, but I know what the missing letters

I'll tell my friend in Portsmouth you think southerners are a bit light in the britches...I'm sure he'll point at his newborn and say "Not bloody likely. I'm putting to that lovely bird of mine right good. There's my proof."

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Nothing is better

by ITgirli In reply to IF you get the chance

Than seeing France and not actually going there....

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