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Re: Update on Space, The Final Frontier

By Old Guy ·
Thanks to ProtiusX for starting this discussion awhile back I am home today and tomorrow to take some of my leftover vacation days from 2005 and have found some of my Star Trek TOS tapes and watching them back to back--no commercials. Of course it is ProtiusX's fault that I brought them out .

Just finished watching Armageddon. "Today I choose not to fight." Man, what diplomacy!

Anyway, two days of back to back Star Trek. Man, what a life...

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I know what you mean

by stargazerr In reply to Re: Update on Space, The ...

I did that this weekend. Locked the door to the apartment, brought out the coke and the m&m's, propped my feet up and spent 48 hours watching 28 episodes .....

LIFE !!!


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You can get

by Dr Dij In reply to I know what you mean

every voyager episode on dvd: only $600!

give me EFC! love the cool graphics, tho the rebel faction seems to always find a way out.

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I have yet to see Voyager

by stargazerr In reply to You can get

I grew up watching The Next Generation. Dont know many episodes of the Voyager .... But thats next on my list.


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I think

by Dr Dij In reply to I have yet to see Voyager

it has more than any other. I may be thinking about NG tho.

some very cool parts, including the final episodes where janeway tricks the borg into finding her in her cloaked ship to infect them and let voyager slip thru the borg transwarp conduits. won't say anymore, don't want to ruin it.

other neat episodes, the nerdy scientist at the deep space array thinks he knows where they might be and bounces a comm beam thru a wormhole to them.

too many other neat episodes to mention.

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I wish...

by Trek05 In reply to Re: Update on Space, The ...

I wish I could do that, watch all the episodes, but I need to get them first. Big fan of TOS, only have a couple DVDs of it though.

Anyone want to get rid of some??

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Tee Hee

by stargazerr In reply to I wish...

You are kidding right??


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Too much TV

by M_a_r_k In reply to Re: Update on Space, The ...

Gosh, y'all, with all that TV-watching you're going to burn your eyes out or come down with a bad case of brain cancer. Might I make some chirpy tongue-in-cheeks suggestions for alternate uses of your time? Enjoy a long vigorous workout at your local gym. Or read a book just for fun. Or write a book. Do some brain exercises to improve your memory skills. Spend some time IMing with distant friends. Or catch up on emails. Priorities, priorities.

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Hmmm ..... Is it me ??

by stargazerr In reply to Too much TV

Or does all of this sound very familiar ...

Hey Old Guy ... I have a friend who keeps cribbing about the exact same things

Yeah Mark, I agree ... TV watching is bad ... Heck ..Even TR is a bad addiction .... People should be working and trying to incorporate the sales guys' and management's latest requests ...


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Gosh, it must be you

by M_a_r_k In reply to Hmmm ..... Is it me ??

I surely don't know why it all sounds familiar. And ditto about the TR addiction. Maybe fulfillig my latest management request will be the kicker to break my addiction. I'll trade you one management request for one sales guy request. Or better yet, I'll trade one management guy for one sales guy. haha

And where has Old Guy been lately? Has he found the secret to breaking the TR addiction?

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Breaking TR addiction

by Old Guy In reply to Gosh, it must be you

Have I found the secret to breaking the TR addiction? Yes. Two things. One has been work lately. :)

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