Rebecca Thatcher

By LSashun ·
I received the letter from Mrs. Rebecca Thatcher and her cancerous ailment. How do we know this is a scam? There is a Jeremy Thatcher and I felt sad in reading the letter. I have also received a number of lottery winnings on the internet and they requested that I send a copy of my drivers license, which I did! I hope that it is not a scam.

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Well lets just leave it as saying that if you didn't ask

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Rebecca Thatcher

Or contribute to something and get a notification about it then it's likely to be a Scam!

If you didn't pay for Lottery Tickets and get asked for personal information then you have been scammed and in all likelihood your Identy has been stolen as a Drivers License can be used to obtain Credit Cards and everything else relating to you.

You can start to expect to begin to receive letters demanding payment for bills that you may know nothing about and because they are your details you are responsible for these bills because you where silly enough to hand out your details.

The same applies to unsolicited E-Mails telling you Sob Stories about someone who has died and their partner wants to move a lot of money out of the country and has selected you to receive and hold for them. They ask for Bank Account Details and then proceed to empty your Bank Account Max Out your Credit Card/s and may even go as far as to place another mortgage on your house.

If you respond to this type of rubbish you deserve exactly what you get! Would you hand out your drivers license to anyone who approached you on the street? My guess would be no so if it's something that you wouldn't normally do Do Not Do It Over The Internet! Actually you are miles safer handing out information like this to a complete stranger and at the same time hand then your check book with all the checks signed but not filled out to anyone. At least that way you have limited exposure but when you do this over the Internet you have no protection at all and can continued to be hit years after the original event.


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Re: Mrs. Rebecca Thatcher

by donnalynn210 In reply to Rebecca Thatcher

Yep I began receiving these emails too, earkuer this month july, 07. i also sent a scanned copy of my drivers licence and personal info. i feel for it.

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Florida land, anyone? Bridge and swampland for sale...

by sgt_shultz In reply to Re: Mrs. Rebecca Thatcher

you guys totally are cracked.

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Maybe they are like the 419 eaters

by IC-IT In reply to Florida land, anyone? Bri ...
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Avarice and Greed are the main players here...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Rebecca Thatcher

And you saddoes have a more-than-ample supply of both.

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Rebecca Thatcher

by candi_lade26 In reply to Rebecca Thatcher

I have also recvd letters from Mrs. Thatcher and her attorney, I dont know if this is real or if it's a game I also sent some information but they didn't ask to have a copy of my driveres liscense. I am not for sure what this is hopefully it's not a scam.

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How can people be so stupid?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Rebecca Thatcher

Anything that you get unsolicited is a SCAM!

If you didn't ask for the e-mail or buy a Lottery Ticket why would anyone be foolish enough to think that they will get something for nothing?

Also what's the need to click on every attachment that crops up as well?

This is one thing that I'm constantly fighting with my end users about all the time but I've now come to the conclusion that you can not protect people from their own stupidity so now I just lock down the business computers to prevent any infections.

GOD even tonight the Media was going on about the insecurities in Internet Banking and just how much gets stolen from account users who don't follow proper security on their own Personal Computers. Actually it's the banks fault for the stupidity of these people who fail to read the warnings and then when they loose everything complain about what happened to them. Personally I would make them loose the money and house/s if they are silly enough to fall for this crap. Just how many would willing hand out a check book full of signed checks not filled out or their credit card and PIN Number?

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scam artist/ Rebbeca Thatcher and attorney Barr Mathew Penny.

by puertoricanatm In reply to How can people be so stup ...

listen to me fellow citizens of united states. you guys are stupid. im a 16 year old boy and i even know how 2 do this. i am not stupid. i read it sure i was happy. i found out it was close to 40,000,000 gosh i was already making plans on what im gonna spend it on. first i replied to this email from this rebbeca thatcher and she replied then i sent a message to her attorney barr mathew penny, then he replied. he was asking me for my full name residential adress, postal adress, email adress, phone and fax number, occupation, place of berth, age, citizenship, scanned copy of my id. in this email he told me that he will be my attorney. i told him that i had emailed all this information to my family lawer and this was today. then i wanted to make sure because i didnt want my lawer getting a big check from me, so i went to and typed her name in. and what do you know it showed me this site, and i read a couple of letters from people. and i said to myself how can we american citizens be so stupid we fall into this too easily. i knew it from the begenning that this was a scam damn 40 mil. ill be the richest kid in illinois. but i already sent all the emails to my attorney so lets see what will happen.

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by jessi_baby_1 In reply to scam artist/ Rebbeca That ...

i did the same thing! its a money thing! you see the bling and its like forget about it but were smarter then that ****... i went to google and typed the "lawyers" name and up this came.... but i wasn't going to give any info... im not stupid i was raised right work hard for your money! like someone is really just going to hand it to you!! its really sad people are falling for this

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How? Because people are stupid. They're taught to be stupid and trusting

by ManiacMan In reply to How can people be so stup ...

And not to stereotype or pick on specific religions, but those scammed succesfully tend to be predominantly from the midwestern and southern states of the USA where being a good "Christian" also means being a gullible nimrod if some scammer asks them for their bank accounts with some sob story and they readily disclose the information. A sucker is born every minute, no matter how often people are warned against such scams.

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