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Recent change broke Opera "next" function

By AlanGeek ·
I've been advised by the Trivia Geek that Opera is n't officially supported by TR, but there is a "Next page" or "Forward" function accessible as either "Alt + ->" or by holding mouse button 1 and clicking mouse button 2, which normally will take you to the next page in a series of pages like a multiple-page article or one of TR's Discussions. It's also used if you use the space bar to page down the article, and when you reach the bottom of one page, will go to the next page (provided the pages have this function coded).

I'm not sure how many other browsers support this function, but I can't believe that thousands of random web pages I run across have been specifically coded to support an Opera-only function. It was working fine a week ago on multiple versions of Opera, and sometime after last Wednesday, 11/23, started only serving up a web page.

Can this please be corrected? I don't know what the proper name for the function is in HTML code, but I'm pretty sure it's fairly standard stuff. It makes reading the articles and discussions much easier.

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It's fixed!! Thanks!!!

by AlanGeek In reply to Recent change broke Opera ...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I really appreciate your fixing that "Next Page" function, it really facilitates my use of the site.

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Ok, it's partly fixed...

by AlanGeek In reply to It's fixed!! Thanks!!!

Dunno if anyone will read this, but those full-page Dice ads still come up about 1 time in 4 or 5 when using the "Next page" function. Why are they there at all? Can this please be removed?

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Thanks again!

by AlanGeek In reply to Ok, it's partly fixed...

With lack of response here, again I don't know if anybody read this, or if action was actually taken, but it appears that the stupid full-page Dice ads have been removed from the Next function.

Thanks a million to the culprits, I mean perpetrators, I mean the powers-that-be for correcting this annoying "feature"! I really appreciate it! And so promptly, as well. You guys are really just too good. :-D

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Okay, it's broken again... (NT)

by AlanGeek In reply to Thanks again!
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Still broken...

by AlanGeek In reply to Okay, it's broken again.. ...

Why does this periodically get mangled like this? It will be fine for a couple of months perhaps, then the ads start popping up again. Is there a way to ensure that this function doesn't keep getting clobbered?

For that matter, is it possible to get the "Next page" function turned on for the photo galleries? It would really make logical sense for that function to exist for a series of pictures.

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