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Recommend an IT Blog

By CharlieSpencer ·
I've had a pretty low opinion of blogs since I first heard of them three or four years ago. At that time all I found was adolescent angst and Dave Winer's apparently random babblings.

I'm sure the form must have matured by now. I'm soliciting recommendations for blogs worth reading on a regular basis. I'm defining "worth reading" as:

- IT related, with an emphasis on front-line support in a Windows environment.
- A minimum of "personal life" posting.

I'm also looking for a blog written by someone whose company is replacing MS on the desktop with Linux and open source apps.

If you've got a recommendation, please post it. It would be useful if you included a couple of sentences about why you recommend the particular blog, and what criteria you use for adding a new blog to your "must-read" list.


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That is easy

by jdclyde In reply to Recommend an IT Blog

jmgarvin has been doing some really great blogs, though most are Linux related. I can't wait to try some of the ideas out. Nice step-by-steps.

He has my vote.

Note: don't bother reading mine because they don't fit your "worth reading" definition! :^O

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to That is easy


"Worth reading" was probably a poor choice of wording, but I couldn't think of another phrase. I looked at your blog a couple of weeks ago, but you're right, the personal side is just not what I'm looking for.

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How about

by jdclyde In reply to Thanks.

"prefered reading"?

"reading interests are"?

"none of that personal misery crap"?

Don't worry, I don't take it personal. I know what my blogs are, and what they aren't. What they are is a place where I can vent, rant and rave to get out my many issues without bugging anyone else or causing physical harm to anyone.

The only people that would get bugged by my blogs are people that choose to go there and be bugged.

After next month, things will take shape. Have a few IT projects that will work there way up so I can get back in the swing of things.


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Slashdot, depending on your definition....

by mrs1622 In reply to Thanks.

I consider a blog, tho some may argue that it's a forum. Despite the size and activity, the moderation keeps most of the cream at the top, so you can get some value out of the discussion without burning your entire work day.

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I agree with blog is the best IT blog ever

by jmgarvin In reply to That is easy


Ok, so I don't post to it as often as I'd like and deadlines slip, but I do try to post step by steps for setting up things and getting things you might need at least working.

On that note: You might check wikipedia, they are kind of like blog (in some ways) and have some good IT stuff in there.

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Oh, did I forget to mention

by jdclyde In reply to I agree with ...

how modest he is too? :^O

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Notes From The Toolshed

by FirstPeter In reply to Recommend an IT Blog

Matt Moran's "Notes from the Toolshed: Developing Aptitudes for Dynamic Professional Growth":

Matt talks about issues that are at the heart of business in a different type of prose (right word?) than you typically see it. He also manages to effectively pull everyday topics into the discussion (the latest as of this post managed to combine Hurricane Katrina, his wife and politics into a discussion on business and project management).

I won't put in a pitch for mine ("The Consultant In Third Person" - I happen to like it, but I'm probably a little biased in that regard *grin*) at, but feel free to check it out. Since my career is working with small business solutions (IT-related) that's pretty much what I focus on. My writing style is probably a little off-beat unless you don't mind the occasional short diversion to an 80s song or the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy...

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Looks interesting

by stress junkie In reply to Notes From The Toolshed

I looked at the subject lines in your blog at ittoolbox. Looks interesting and funny. I look forward to reading the posts.

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notes on learning Linux . . .

by apotheon In reply to Recommend an IT Blog

1. I agree that jmgarvin's blog here at TR is a good choice. He's been creating tutorials for common sysadmin tools and the like. I've learned from it: so can you.

2. Not to toot my own horn (not quite that flexible), but you might check out mine. It has been moving very slowly as my life undergoes major upheaval, but I'm (slowly) working on a series of posts dealing with exactly the issue you bring up, migrating from Windows to Linux. I call the series, appropriately enough, Windows->Linux. I don't have much posted for it yet, but I have about four different posts for the series half-finished and sitting on a hard drive waiting for me to do more work on 'em, between twelve-hour days at work.

My TR blog might be moving too slowly to be of much use for you, I suppose. Maybe you'll get some use out of it, though.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to notes on learning Linux . ...

2. I've been looking at yours for a while and I look forward to more in the Windows to Linux series. Get off your butt and post," said the non-blogger. You have an addicted audience to support. We don't care that you're moving across the country; get a laptop and type while you drive with your knees!

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