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By refugee ·
Hi all,
I have just suffered the indignity of undergoing a programming aptitude test. What is wrong with that you say ?

Well considering I have not done any programming for 16 yrs and that the role I was being considered for was a Program Management role I find the whole thing rather bizarre. I persisted for about 1 1/2hrs than gave up. The time allowed for the test was 4 hrs. I could have sat there for 24 hrs and not got it right. I feel that all this achieved was to prove I was not a programmer and to make me feel like an idiot. If that was the purpose than the business has done well. I had already gone through two other interviews only to get to this testing which I feel is a waste of time.

What stupid testing have others undergone in the pursuit of a job ?

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better question...

by Jaqui In reply to Recruitment testing

What will you say to future employers that want to have such a testing policy implemented, if you are in the position where your opinion will count?

I was given the newest version of an IQ test for one company, which works on objects / spacial recognition and pattern matching, rather than language skills.

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