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Red Alert !! Red Alert !!

By stargazerr ·
Looks Like Underage is back ... He is Masquerading under the username donkey@ ...

Jay, Smorty ... before all **** breaks loose ... please get him out of here

Proof??? Check this link out


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by Oz_Media In reply to Red Alert !! Red Alert !!

And I thought I took the cake for inappropriate discussions.

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by BFilmFan In reply to WOW

You have to admit the kid has the tenacity of a termite in a lumber yard.

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by stargazerr In reply to WOW

Everyone gets a slice where underage is concerned


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by cwise In reply to Oz

can u sent me the url to this? the one which is posted, I get a page invalid message, since the complete url is not visable. This way I will be able to fully understand this dicussion. Thanks

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post was pulled by admin

by jdclyde In reply to

sorry, but you can't get there from here.

the discussion was pulled because it had no value and would be rather offensive to just about anyone with a brain, as it was intented.

Nothing but flamebait.

A copy-cat troll.

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I was wondering

by Tink! In reply to Red Alert !! Red Alert !!

when someone was going to bring Donkey Man to attention. He threw in like half a dozen idiotic posts right in a row.

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for smorty and jay to see this

by jdclyde In reply to Red Alert !! Red Alert !!

you should one, post this under the "site feedback" heading, instead of the misc section.

the next thing, put their name right in the heading so they know right off the bat that it is for them.

As for this id10t, the ONLY way to get rid of him is to get everyone to not respond to him.

I DID make the suggestion for them to notify his ISP of his behavior, and THEY would knock him right off the net, but if he is back already he either isn't posting from home or they didn't notify the ISP.

Flaming him would be useless, as this sexually deprived dork is looking for the attention that he no longer gets from his mother sence she stopped breast feeding him a few months ago......

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Better suggestion

by M_a_r_k In reply to for smorty and jay to see ...

email them immediately when you notice something like this. See my next post. I was going to email but the post was deleted already.

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Sexually Deprived Dorks

by BFilmFan In reply to for smorty and jay to see ...

Damn and I was hoping that was leading to some kind of seminar offer in Vegas with a red head...

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This isn't what MOST people think of

by jdclyde In reply to Sexually Deprived Dorks

when they think of MILF's.

It generally isn't your OWN mother!

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