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RED FLAG! Another member to avoid in Tech Q&A

By Oz_Media ·
The following 'peer' MDLNET@... is wasting time in Tch Q&A.

While posting an open question for IDEAS, and recieving SEVERAL answer that lead him/her to exactly the information requested, some tips on addressing issues etc. ALL answers were rejected and the question closed.

It was almost as open as "what is your favorite colour", and yet with the responses provided, non condescending, some offering information on specific products and others simply a HOW TO reply, the question was closed. The peer 'flagged' offered 4000 points for answers, got another 1000 for closing the question and from what I see (purely MY judgement here) all responses SHOULD be acceptable in the context of the question.

Profile shows 7 questions asked, one not answered ONE acceptable answer and the rest ALL rejected or left unrated.

RED CARD for THAT IT Department manager from California, god help those who have to work for this guy every day! Send him to the showers !

Now that we have this cool tagging system, we can actually list all these yahoos in a common TAG (thanks again TR) So I have started the following TAG set for just such cases we can list other similar instances and keep abreast of these RED FLAGGED 'peers' now.

"Red Flagged member, Poor Q&A activity, Open Questions"

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Red flag?

by jdclyde In reply to RED FLAG! Another member ...

Been a little preoccupied lately so I must have missed that.

What is a red flag and how does it work?

Will it give them an electic charge through their keyboard?

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we wish.

by Jaqui In reply to Red flag?

it's more like an alert signal
that this person doesn't play by the rules.
ignores the purpose of the TQ&A points and runs.

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If only

by jdclyde In reply to we wish.

there was a way to evaluate your peers, with TR to make sure that the evaluations are acurate.

Then have this show up next to the name of the worm.

Note, this one has only been a member for a short time. Even this red flagging if possible would not stop them from just creating a new account every few months as a REAL email address is still not required.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Red flag?

As normally seen in accounting or most other BEWARE situations, a red gflag is just a way of pointing out when something is not worth the investment.

Some people in Tech Q&A waste a lot of other people's time and don't even say thanks or offer a reson why a repoly wasn't accepted or as in this case, just ask questions and either don't close them or reject them, whether to get the 10000 points for closign it or just because they are not to bright.

We have often discussed ways to bring these people to the spotlight so others don't waste time.

I think the tagging system could work for thess cases too.

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rather than send him to the showers

by jck In reply to RED FLAG! Another member ...

put a foot up his arse...might get you more of a reaction.

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If only

by Oz_Media In reply to rather than send him to t ...

THere' sbeen mroe than one instance where I'd have been happy to 'visit' people here. But it's just the internet, as long as people don't waste my time, who cares.

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by jck In reply to If only

Don't know how many i'll ever visit. We'll see, I guess.

Think I'll go where I know the ground is solid.

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I agree JCK

by TomSal In reply to rather than send him to t ...

My thinking exactly, I can't stand folks like this. Its a TR "pet peeve" of mine if you will.

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Details please?

by deepsand In reply to RED FLAG! Another member ...

Please describe the precise steps you envision being used here.

1) WHAT are you Tagging?

2) WHERE is the Tagging being effected.

The ideal would be to Tag the Member in such a manner that would be obvious to anyone viewing a Question posted by him.

Barring that, the next best solution would be a permanently available List which can be searched for those to be avoided.

Kindly elaborate.

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Check this out

by Info-Safety, LLC In reply to Details please?

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