Remote access & control from network to network.

By TobeJ ·
Hello to all,

I am looking for the best product to enable remote connectivty / remote control of PC's from network to network through the internet. I am specifically looking for a product that will be secure, yet not to complex in the setup etc. Being that this is in the infancy stage, please forward any product that would fit this description, weather it be a hardware or a software solution. Price does not matter right now, if it costs $10 - $20,000 or free (Over $40,000 - toooo much). I need to research any and all potential products.

Thanks for your help.


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by scott_heath In reply to Remote access & control f ...

Does it need to do more than remote control, like asset management or software delivery?

If all you need is remote control, use Windows RDP. This would work unless there are multiple PCs behind a single internet connection, although you could work out port forwarding to different PCs based on expternal port. Like get forwarded to and gets forwarded to I admit this would be complicated and require copius documentation, but it is free. If there is a common network between you provided by a VPN tunnel it would be the easiest. offers a cool app to connect to remote PCs behing firewalls and such. Check out their site for more details.

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