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Here is what I have - 2 Office Computer's behind a router (XP pro and Vista), I am trying to access the Vista machine remotely however I can only pull up the XP Pro machine. I am not sure how to pull up my Vista machine and I have tried using the IP address but it isn't working. I am using the IP address that the router has given the computer. Is there something I need to change in the router or on the computer? The router that I am using is a Netopia. Please help.

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This depends on the following

by tintoman In reply to Remote Desktop Help

If you are trying to RDP this vista machine from a mchine running XP then then you will have to change the remote desktop settings on the vista pc to "allow connections from computers running any version of remote desktop" otherwise it will not work.
Also if you are doing this from outside your own network you will need to enable port forwarding through your router to the machine you want to connect to

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by bart777 In reply to This depends on the follo ...

If you need to have both the XP and Vista machine accessible from outside you will need to either assign a second internet IP to the router and forward it to the Vista box or you will need to change the RDP listener port on the vista box and forward THAT port to the vist box thru the firewall.

If you use the second option you will need to connect to the Vista box with the port number tacked on the end of the connection.

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