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    Remote Desktop Web Connection


    by loqutis7 ·

    Before you answer thr postof my previous question, please note that I do understand the difference between the Remote Desktop Connetion (RDC) and the Remote Desktop Web Connection (RDWC). I am good with RDC. Just so that we are on the same page I have done all the required steps to set up Vista’s funtionality: SysProperties>Remote>Allow Connections from computers…; Windows firewall settings>Add port 80>Add port 3389; Router>forward port 80>forward port 3389. I have my IP address and domain, set up user accounts with passwords, All set!

    Again, I am good with RDC but RDWC is not as straight forwar as it was in XP. For those of you who are familiar with XP and have used this capability in XP you had to set (Check) the “Remote Web Connection” Under Internet Information Services (IIS)>>World Web Services>Remote Web Connection. Where in Vista this option is not present in IIS>WWWS.

    All the information from the Help files in Vista and tech forums for “Vista” keep pointing to RDC and anything the refers to RDWC comes up under XP…so my dilema, like many of you, has been that Vista states that it has RDWC capability but is not clear on how to set it up.

    So if you have sucessfully enabled RDWC on your Vista machine and have succesfully logged in from another computer, running xp or lower, outside of your network please share your magic!

    Thanks for your support!


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