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Remote login to server

By abanerji ·
I am a beginner in this field, and have a question.

How does one access a distant corporate server (not web server), maybe running on unix/win-nt, from a local pc on win-xp? An account is already created in the server for the local pc, and the user-id & password is known. So, how does one connect to the server in the first place?

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Many ways to "connect"

by Joseph Moore In reply to Remote login to server

You can connect to a remote system in many different ways. It just depends what OS the target system is running, and what application/process/service the target system runs in its OS that allows connections.
You then connect to it using the correct functionality/program/technique.
You would also need the IP Address of the target, or hostname, or some way of identifying the target to be able to connect to it (the communication protocol will drive this).
For example, if it's a Windows machine with a Shared folder you want to connect to, and if you have the IP address of the machine, AND any firewalls between you and the target allow Windows File & Print Sharing connections (over TCP ports 139 and/or 445), then you would Map Network Drive.
Specify the IP Address of the target and shared folder name in the drive mapping, choose an available drive letter, specify the logon credentials you have, and click Finish!
It just depends on where you are connecting to, and how you wanna connect.

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Thank you

by abanerji In reply to Many ways to "connect"

Mr. Moore :

Thank you very much, for being so nice to a newbie :-)

Was a little scared to post such basic stuff (for experts, but overwhelming to beginner dummies) in a hi-tech forum. But, my web-search didn't return stuff easily understandable to a lay person!

Thanks again.

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