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Removal of ability to save bookmarks/books on "My BookShelf"

By knhwd ·
I just noticed today that when I clicked on my link to my bookshelf under techproguild, all my books on my shelf were gone, along with the associated bookmarks. Upon calling the helpdesk, I was told that this feature, along with being able to save links to articles, was being removed. Their reason was that not a lot of members were using this feature.
I personally used the both features on almost a daily basis. The only reason why I hadn't noticed the bookshelf was missing my booklinks was mostly due to 1) I haven't been in my office a lot lately, and 2) The books that I reference the most I had links to on my desktop, which still work but they don't have my bookmarks.
The questions I have are, 1) Was I really a minority in usage of these features? and 2) Why didn't they post a message about these features being removed on their website?
They stated that they sent an email message to everyone, but I frequently get over 400 emails a day across several addresses, so it's understandable that I wouldn't have seen that message.
If I am a minority in usage of these features, then I can understand why they removed them. I'll cancel my membership with techproguild, I got the membership mainly because of the bookshelf feature, and use the money I save to get either a membership at or just start buying the books outright.
If I'm not alone in being upset that these features are gone, then maybe we should inform them that we'd like these features back.

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I for one

by Oz_Media In reply to Removal of ability to sav ...

I have also posted a discussion in the past about TRGUILD and how many people use it.

Once in a blue moon, there was something on TPG that I wanted to review but didn't see the value in membership, so I asked if others did.

The general concensus was that most of the regulars here said they didn't bother, correct me if I'm wrong.

I would be a little miffed I I hadn't know my acount would be removed but like you say, it's probably just an overlooked email, which is understandable lately if not before.

I think any relevant questions can be answered through the other channels available here through Q&A or discussions. Sorry to hear you lost a resousource that you found valuable, but I don't think the TRG was THAT popular.


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My Favorites is gone, My Bookshelf is not

by Veronica In reply to Removal of ability to sav ...

To make sure this feature still works, I just saved a book on My Bookshelf, and it worked. That is a feature of TechBooks, not TechProGuild and we did not discontinue that feature. It's possible that your data was not migrated. I'll check on that.
We did discontinue the My favorites feature because less than 10 percent of members used it. We should have done a better job of warning members that the feature was going away, you're right there. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Veronica Combs
Executive Editor
TechRepublic and

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by knhwd In reply to My Favorites is gone, My ...

When I talked to the help desk over the phone, they told me that both features were discontinued. I asked in several different ways to make sure, or so I thought, they understood that I was talking about the bookshelf. Now that I know that you'll be keeping the bookshelf, I'll keep my subscription. Thanks

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