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Remove from "Who counts me as a contact"

By DMambo ·
Now this is not a huge problem for me as I'm not too popular, but can you guys add a link to remove people from the "who counts me as a contact"? There are a couple of folks in my profile that have me in their contacts list, and it kind of creeps me out. These are people that I have never contacted, posted to in a discussion, responded to Tech Q&A, or even heard of. I realize that it doesn't mean much that I'm on their lists, but I'm kind of **** retentive about this kind of thing (and about 10,000 others types of things, but that's for a different post :) )

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Let me put it as delicately as I can...

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Remove from "Who counts m ...
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I'll accept that, but...

by DMambo In reply to Let me put it as delicate ...

why not? Is it a technical issue with one member affecting another's profile or is it a policy decision?

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It's more of a policy thing

by sMoRTy71 In reply to I'll accept that, but...

The whole idea of the WCMAAC view is to encourage people to make connections and learn more about each other.

I always find it interesting that people have added to their list. Often, I will add them to my list so that I can see their activity in the Posts from my Contacts view.

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yeah, yeah.

by ITgirli In reply to It's more of a policy thi ...

You're just watching me to see what I can get through the profanity filter.

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It is right. The TR is popular regards it

by LukCAD In reply to It's more of a policy thi ...

If TR have a lot of restrictions, i suppose it was not free and democracy site, but like commomn corporate site for only two people: provider and subscriber.
So Smorty! Nice thing that you are not agree with people who want to shaw their supremacy.
Nice site, return please back THE NEW POST in blog.
I appreciated it.
Sincerely, LukCAD

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"Is that your final answer?"

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Let me put it as delicate ...

Is it possible you said "No" because you think you're one of the people he wants removed? Conspiring minds want to know.

Seriously, would it be possible to be notified by e-mail when someone has added you?

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We might do that

by sMoRTy71 In reply to "Is that your final answe ...

We are considering allowing you to sign-up for an alert when someone adds you.

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opt in for alert would be good

by stress junkie In reply to We might do that

Like everything else one person wants this and another wants something else that is mutually exclusive. Providing choices is a great approach.

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A very Good Point

by Aaron A Baker In reply to "Is that your final answe ...

There's certainly nothing wrong with being added to a person's list, however, I do feel the recipient should be made aware of this occurance. I think that this is something that Tech Republic should seriously take a look at. There's nothing particularly "wrong" per say with the way things are being done now and I'm aware that it would be a lot of work for Tech Republic to keep tabs on this stuff and then forward the appropriate notifications. I do feel however that this is something that should definitely be done. As a matter of Professionalism, Good Taste and Manners.
Something for which Tech Republic is renowned. I'm surprised that they haven't thought of this before.
Good very point. Well Done. :)

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the DMambo fan club....

by JamesRL In reply to Remove from "Who counts m ...

Gee Can I Get the SEKRIT DMambo Decoder ring?

I too have people who add me as a contact. I figure that they liked something I wrote and added me. I have had a few private emails, but it doesn't worry me in the least.


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