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    Remove password in BIOS


    by mustaffa80 ·

    Hi everybody whom browse techrepublic web,
    i’ve got one major problem that i can’t solve for a long time since i known tech Republic. My question, how to remove or to hack password in BIOS. Can you all give me another way or solution to settle thisproblem. Don’t tell me a way such as remove motherboard battery because i already known it but it always become failure.
    TQ for your cooperation.

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      removing BIOS password

      by jtpaderes ·

      In reply to Remove password in BIOS

      my friend try this one. If you see a junper just beside your battery, try to SHORT that one, i guess its labelled JP1. if it set to pin 1 & 2, try to set it to 2 & 3 and press your power button for a few seconds and turn-off it again, then set it again to its default settings. The result of this is to clear the CMOS/BIOS set-up including password. Hope this solves your problem.

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        Disable password

        by tilsonkephas ·

        In reply to removing BIOS password

        If you can get into the CMOS setup and remove the password that is fine., but if you forgot your password. You must discharge your CMOS battery. There are jumbers located beside the CMOS battery. If you have your manual, you will be able to locate that particular jumber. But if you don’t, usually the J1. Unplug that for about 30 seconds or so and put it back again. power up your system, the CMOS will reinitialize the new settings.
        Wish you luck.

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          I agree :)

          by frsoroten ·

          In reply to Disable password

          just like what the previous posts. just look for the jumper near the cmos battery. turn the power off, and short those jumpers. if there are 3 pins and 1-2 are shorted,short 2-3,and return the short to 1-2…

          power on and everything will work fine….

          good luck…

          removing the battery will really not work…

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