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Reporting on the war in Iraq

By jardinier ·
I post this in the remote hope that at least one person will have enough sense to see it for what it is -- a description of the increasing hazards of reporting from war-ravaged Iraq.

Presumably there will be predictable responses from certain persons who maintain the absurd notion that they would have a clearer idea of what is happening in the world if there were no journalists at all.

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Raising my hand!

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Reporting on the war in I ...

Well, I am one person, Julian. Paul McGeough did a fine job of "taking me there." There are good and bad in any line of work. Journalists are no exception to that rule. Journalists, by the very nature of their work put themselves "out there" where anyone can take a pot shot at them verbally, and those who report from war zones, do that literally. It's always easy to criticize anyone who is in the public light. Usually what we like least in others is true of ourselves in one degree or another. Journalists only have two eyes, like we all do. They try to communicate with the world around them what they see with those eyes. It's a little more difficult at times than taking a picture, and even a photographer can be criticized for being "slanted" in his view if he doesn't portray what someone wants to look at.

Regardess what field anyone works in, that person brings him/herself to the job. Someone may not like one journalist, but like another. We all tend to like those who agree with us, and not necessarily those who open our eyes to a new perspective.

Thanks for posting this.
OAW (The "other" Beth)

Edited: Which is now as much of a signature for me as any name I sign!

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Well that's a pretty damn sensible

by jardinier In reply to Raising my hand!

rational, pragramatic, reasonable, fair, realistic comment.

Thank you.

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