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reporting piracy

By Discordian ·
if you knew that people in your office were pirating software, music, and even movies would you report it?

let's say your executives were even doing it, would you still report it?

how about if there were people in your office that you liked who were doing it, would you report it?

let's say it was really blatent and widespread, what would you do?

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by James R Linn In reply to reporting piracy

If it was one or two bad apples, and a strong policy statement from the company existed, I'd call management. If they were friends I might talk to them first.

If corporate policy is to look the other way, I'd report the company.

Software theftis stealing. When a person steals a 300$ program it may be petty theft. When a company steals a $300 program hundreds of times over its grand theft.

For small software companies the consequence of that theft may be jobs being reduced.


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Depends on your priorities

by jaymen In reply to reporting piracy

If you are an idealist who believes that strict enforcement of existing laws is of ultimate importance, then report the piracy. However, consider the following:
A) If the source of the report gets out, you'll be shunned by your co-workers at bestand fired (and possibly blacklisted) at worst.

B) Unless you hold yourself to the same strict enforcement of laws, you would be a hypocrite to report anyone else. Do you ever speed? Download any graphics or sound files from the Internet? Makepersonal use of your company's Internet, telephone, or other equipment? "Forget" to report some income on your tax forms? Any time you venture into so much as a "gray" area of the law, you could be considered a criminal and thus be reported to lawenforcement.


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