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reporting site issues

By jck ·
I didn't know whether this would be the proper place to send a "bug report".

Is it?

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by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to reporting site issues

We've been innovating at breakneck speed around here, and I'm sure that the seams are starting show somewhere on some of our new community features. This is precisely the right place to file a bug report, so we can get those bugs exterminated.


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it's not really major

by jck In reply to Absolutely!

I replied in email to you to let you know, in case it might not be desirable to divulge to the public.

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Been watching too much Dr. Who?

by Oz_Media In reply to Absolutely!

Has the NEW Dr. Who series introduced the Daleks yet? EXTERMINATE!!! EXTERMINATE!!!

I don't watch it anymore, I'm an old school Brit who liked the originals, but I wondered if they would have Daleks on the new series and if so, will they be all CGI smoothed out or the same cool clunky things from the days of yore?

They used to have one at a pier in my hometown where you'd fire a few pence in it and it would ride in it as it jerked around on it's platform and you could play with the little arms while screaming EXTERMINATE!!! LOL

Sorry, flashback to when life was actually simpler.

(Hows THAT for off-topic!)

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Dr. Who

by j.lupo In reply to Been watching too much Dr ...

Ah man, I am in the US and only got the old series. I haven't heard about a new series. Which was your favorite Dr. ? I liked Tom Baker best. It was a cool show.

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by Skidoggeruk In reply to Been watching too much Dr ...

Well, it looks like they will this weekend. Ads have been showing one all week.

The new guy has already announced he will not be doing another series, as he does not want to get type-cast. Kinda fair enough, that would be funny/good/strange, a new Dr. Who every season.

Wonder if they would every do a black or asian James Bond? Come to think of it they have never done that with Who either...

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old Dr. Who

by jck In reply to Absolutely!

God...I loved those...and Monty Python...and...they were on education television in Oklahoma...hehehe...I got a good education :)

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The young ones?

by jdclyde In reply to old Dr. Who

I love when they made the formula that turns you into a homicidal maniac and then put it in a coke can so no one would drink it.

Yes, it got drank.

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Neil and Vivian

by jck In reply to The young ones?

I remember when Vivian got pregnant...with gas. hahaha...that show was hilarious as well.

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May I??

by CuteElf In reply to Absolutely!

Some times, when I'm at the Discussions Main Page, I click on a title or subject, and it comes up

Is it that I'm not important enough, or that people are hiding from me?

I'm figuring that a pm got listed as a note, or the Guilds are getting listed on the Peon's page.

Another question:
When looking at the URL, I see a lot of numbers:
Most of the time visiting web pages, it goes by subject, chapter, etc. Text. Not numbers.
Why does yours do this?


oh and one of my replies disappeared today sniffle sniffle

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Those are coded page types

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to May I??

Each dash-delimited URL component is a page type or page subtype in our publishing system. We use it to track and control the various content types and layouts that appear on our site.

The "restricted" discussions you're seeing are probably either limited to paying TechProGuild customers, or members of some of the private "focus group" forums we're running right now. When we roll out private groups functionality later this year (hopefully), such occurences may become a little more common.

We probably need to revise the text on the "page restricted" message to better explain what's happening. Sorry if we caused any confusion.


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