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Request for Q&A section

By jdclyde ·
For the Q&A section, how about a "new" button?

Many people cross over multiple sections, and to go in and out of each is a pain.

If you had one place that showed like you do for the discussions the new and hot?

Just a thought.

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Just a thought

by jdmercha In reply to Request for Q&A section

But a very good one.

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They USED to do that

by Oz_Media In reply to Request for Q&A section

THey used to offer a view all open questions link, which worked similar to new discussions. But teh server loads were too intense and it bogged down the site so the link was removed.

I do have a tip or two for you though...but as your profile does not have a contact link, I suppose I will have to get you to email ME.
ozmedia AT

Not even a working contact link and yet whining about open questions links!! Some people's kids, I'll tell you....!

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Contact link

by jdclyde In reply to They USED to do that

I have my account set to allow members to contact me. Is there another setting I need to check?

I didn't break it, really! No one saw me do it and without video it will never hold up in court.

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So you do

by Oz_Media In reply to Contact link

Last time it was greyed out and inactive for some reason, but today I see you are LIVE!!

Anyhow, Chas posted the link for you that I was going ot peer mail you.

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My saved link

by TheChas In reply to Request for Q&A section

Here is my saved link for ALL Questions:

It lists all open questions starting with the newest in order posted. Sort of like the new discussions link.


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by Oz_Media In reply to My saved link

We were supposed to keep that on the hush, that's why I offered info by email, DOH!

It had a nasty load on the server so they would prefer we shared it under the table.

Oh well, this probably won't be as busy as a political thread nearing election day so I am sure it's no biggie. :)

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