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Requesting some help please.

By mrafrohead ·
A while ago, probably six months to a year, I read about a law that was passed back in the eighty's that helped blue collar workers in factories against lay off's. In the article/discussion it talked about how techworkers in San Francisco were using the same law to protect themselves against lay off's. I am having a very hard time locating this so I have some information to point myself in a right direction.

If anyone here knows what I am talking about and can help me with this, PLEASE post something here. Reason I'm asking: My brother just got laid off. What he was telling me, refers to what I read before and can not seem to locate again. I am just trying to help him out, and I have only a week to do so before he has to sign all of the "final" paperwork that waives his rights to legal action.

Any help is much appreciated.


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Couple of links

by Oldefar In reply to Requesting some help plea ...

I don't recall a law protecting workers against layoffs, but there was some talk about plant closings where the factory was the town's primary employer or where the company had received tax breaks to come to an area. There was also an issue about moving work overseas.

Here are some links that might help:

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Recall the legislation.

by TheChas In reply to Requesting some help plea ...

I remember the legislation also.

It came after a number of companies laid off their entire work-force and moved the work elsewhere.

The law created a penalty structure if the company laid off more than a certain percentage of the work-force atonce without giving the workers advanced notice.

There is an exclusion if the company goes out of business.

Around here, the office furniture industry seems to announce, or extend layoff warnings every month.


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Thats it!

by mrafrohead In reply to Recall the legislation.

But I haven't found it yet.

Pretty much from my recollection, the company my brother worked for broke the rules. But I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for to 100% confirm this...

I appreciate the both of you taking the time to poston this though! Thank you.


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Find it...

by GuruOfDos In reply to Thats it!

Here in the UK, our laws are obviously a little different, but I spend a fair bit of time searching out US legislation for personal reasons.

My wife hails from the US and I have to look up odds and ends for her from time to time...mostly related to Family Law.

I'd recommend a trawl around the Columbia University Law School web site...they seem to have a pretty comprehensive database of State and Federal Laws, Labor Relations Laws, regulations and examles of cases, etc.

Suggest a look there...not sure of the site URL but I'm sure a good Search Engine would give you a result for +Columbia +Law.



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by mrafrohead In reply to Find it...

Thank you GuroOfDos.

I am going to try that.

I will say this though, it's been insanely busy lately and I haven't had too much time to look, although I stumbled upon a great idea.

Contacting a labor lawyer... OOOOHhhhhh, AAAAaaahhhh...
I figure if anyone knows it, a lawyer will. Instead of researching it before calling a lawyer

After all, that's why THEY get paid the big bucks!


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by TheChas In reply to Thats it!

Here is the link to the WARN Act page of the DOL web site.

Got there from

clicked on employers
then employment law guide
finally plant closings and layoffs.

There are all kinds of links to different sections of US labor laws.


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