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By Oz_Media ·
okay well I don't wait for New years to set myself straight with those nagging things we never get around to, so I started my resolutions today. No I didn't quit of these days..but I did start to exercise more.

When I went out for a smoke, I decided to go to the top floor (28th)and all the way back down , twice (while mindlessly chatting with a girl from Universal Records).

Then I remembered I had to press the button for MY floor and I went back up, but only half way up(and I was neither up nor down, badumdum)as I was getting tired at that point.

So, what are YOU gonna do for self improvement in 2006?

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Smoking is mine

by road-dog In reply to resolutions

The exercise will follow.

You're doing it out of order. You will look silly jogging along with a cig hanging out of your jibs.

I'd suggest taking the stairs maybe a couple of times a day. Start slow. You won't always have that Universal girl with you to take your mind off your knees making crunching noises!

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since when

by Jaqui In reply to Smoking is mine

do knees make crunching noises in elevators?


Oz forgot to push the button for his floor, kind of says the exercise was riding an elevator.

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Well, he WAS running

by jdclyde In reply to since when

his mouth!

Got to start somewhere.....

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If only it was that easy

by Oz_Media In reply to Well, he WAS running

I'd weigh 10lbs.

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I resolve

by Jaqui In reply to resolutions

to be even more irritating and obnoxious this year. ]:)

to slam microsoft twice as much as last year

to do something about my pack a day smoking habit.. gotta get it to two packs a day. ]:)

in other words, to become worse not better.

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D.Q., Dairy Queen, Disqualified!

by road-dog In reply to I resolve

OZ asked for self IMPROVEMENT resolutions.

The only thing you listed that was an improvement was slamming Microsoft twice as much.

If you want to be worse, not better, why not just obnoxiously slam Microsoft with a cigarette in your mouth immediately? The toboggan ride to **** can be accelerated with a push at any time! Heck, start now and avoid the Christmas rush!

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by Oz_Media In reply to D.Q., Dairy Queen, Disqua ...

I'm with Jaqui on that one I think.

If I make it to next Christmas, well hey I made another one. If I wake up tomrrow for that matter, I am gonna have a blast again.

Every day is a new day to me, one that I am lucky to have because according to the doctors, I was dead 16 years ago. So if I die from smoking tomorrow, I had a damn good time today....and i did have a damn good time today.

Oh, as for the girls in the elevator, yup every day without fail. On weekends I have another group of girls I get to flirt with, so for me it's waking up and having more fun until the day I don't get to wake up.

All the best for the season!

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by Jaqui In reply to D.Q., Dairy Queen, Disqua ...

define improvement.
for me, being more obnoxious is an improvement.
I am Goth, and Pagan, and a Sadist.
as my favorite t-shirt says:

and those ARE my good points

besides, I always have a smoke hanging in the corner of my mouth while slamming microsoft.

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Getting better

by jdclyde In reply to I resolve

at being worse?

So it is STILL getting better at something! Just need to give it that positive spin!

For some the glass is half full
For some the glass is half empty
For me, you have too big of a glass

May your days be as black as you desire!

(see, I CAN give someone a holiday greeting that follows their own beliefs! B-) )

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I resolve to....

by faradhi In reply to resolutions

not make a resolution.

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