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    response notification for blogs


    by apotheon ·

    Is there any chance we could get an option for response notification in blog posts other than our own? When I post a comment to someone else’s blog post and don’t make a note of it, I might as well have never commented as far as I’m aware: I never see it again, and never know whether anyone responded to me or carried my ideas forward. I think there’d likely be more blog comment activity if there was some way to keep track of when people comment after us, which is probably of some benefit to TechRepublic in fostering involvement, besides the fact of the convenience factor this would give us, the faithfully reading and commenting public.

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      That will be ready next week

      by smorty71 ·

      In reply to response notification for blogs

      We are getting ready to roll out a new feature that will give you the opportunity to subscribe to a thread at the time that you post. This will work for both discussions and blog posts that you reply to.

      Should be deploying next week. I’ll post an update when it goes live.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

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