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    Return Key Doesnt Work


    by mswirski0135 ·

    I recently went on vacation this long weekend. When i left, everything was fine, nothing worked improperly. Today i get back, boot up my computer, and i find the middle Enter Key (Return) does not work. I am using a G15, and its about 2 months old, however on other forums and such i have noted others with a similar problem, but no answers. My right hand numpad enter works perfectly, and so does every other button. I have scanned with Spyware Terminator and Ad-Aware SE. What i don’t understand, is that it cannot be malware, because the computer wasnt on to get any. Any ideas as to what could be causing this? At the moment i am going to try to reboot, and then possibly go into safe mode if that doesnt do much.

    Thanks for any replies.

    Well, i downloaded & installed some minor software updates off microsoft, then rebooted. I could use enter, but i was getting a string of ‘[‘s constantly.(tested in notepad), i rebooted once again, checked temp of my computer, and logged on. So now i tested, its working fine, but i havent a clue as to what happened. I’ll leave this question open incase other people have had problems, but for now, mine is solved.

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      by mswirski0135 ·

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      by dawgit ·

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      You haven’t told us what type of keyboard you’re useing. USB or PS2? Makes a difference. I would say though that it sounds like your keyboard probably needs cleaning. -d

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      You’ve got one of these daft GAME -thingy keyboards…

      by older mycroft ·

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      In fact, you’ve got the one that has a plethora (over abundance) of entries about the ‘Return’ key scattered throughout multiple pages of Google.

      Doesn’t this tell you something?

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