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Rev Jackson against abortion

By jdclyde ·
I was listening to the news and they had the Rev. Jackson on. It is his assertion that there is a conspiracy to get the black mothers to abort their children.

To support this, he claimed there are many more abortion clinics built in black neighborhoods than in white neighborhoods.

He went a step further to say that black women make up about 13% of the population, yet account for over 30% of the abortions.

Is this a new form of racism, of getting a race to abort their babies on purpose?

I do not see racism on a daily basis. Is it alive and well, or are we moving along well?

Please do not turn this into a pro/anti abortion post. That is not the intention of the discussion.

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by maecuff In reply to Rev Jackson against abort ...

It's nearly impossible to read this and NOT turn it into a pro life or pro choice issue.

I've been in this debate before. I have very been clear cut and in this case and I feel that I am qualified to make the statement. If you haven't found yourself in the situation of being pregnant and not able to take care of the child, you need to STFU. (You being people in general, not you specifically, JD)

Now, to answer your question. Of coursr not. How ridiculous. As of this moment, it is legal to have an abortion. Regardless of personal feelings on the issue, if you choose to have an abortion, you can. No one can coerce you to make that decision. God forbid that changes. You and I are quite opposite in many ways when it comes to politics, I would like to think that we are on the same wavelength when I say that this assertion is complete bullsh*t. More abortion clinics are built in black neighborhoods? WTF? You know, regardless of where they are built or not built, the fact is there is still a CHOICE to be made.

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Mae - I don't see this as an abortion issue

by maxwell edison In reply to JD

This is a race-baiting issue. Jessie Jackson sees racism under every stone he decides to kick. Look at the lunacy of his logic.

A conspiracy to abort black babies is being waged by whom? The "rabid anti-abortionists", as Neil speculated, are white! (I wonder where he got that little tidbit of information, however, or if he just made it up.) And it's the Democrats, in general, who are "rabid" abortion rights proponents. While it's the mean and dirty white Republican male who is anti-abortion. So if it IS a conspiracy, it's being waged by white Democrats!

Sarcasm alert:

Gee, wasn't Robert Byrd a member of the KKK? Now THAT'S a conspiracy!

End of sarcasm alert.

Jessie Jackson needs to be called to task for his stupid and race-baiting comments. Speaking of STFU, that's exactly what should be told to that idiot.

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Well..this doesn't happen often

by maecuff In reply to Mae - I don't see this as ...

But I would have to say that we are in agreement..

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Max: I sort of made it up

by neilb@uk In reply to Mae - I don't see this as ...

I did qualify my amswer in that when we see US anti-abortion clinics and the associated protestors on the TV news or drama over here, they are mainly white. If this isn't a representative sample then I'm not sure who to blame. I did search around to see if I could get some authoritative figures (to avoid a MaxSlap) but as I don't know the racial mix of US groupings with an Anti- slant, I would probably have been able to post a reply to JD sometime Thursday week...

I fell back on the old standby - gut feeling. I would reckon that its as reliable (if not more so) than most statistics! In my defence, I certainly can't find too many convicted anti-abortion terrorists who are black.

I don't think that it's a conspiracy. Oh, and neither do I think that pro-abortionists quite fit into the same "rabid" category as anti's. What is happening, I guess, is that black women want more abortions for whatever reason - and get them.

As for Jesse Jackson. The man's, at best, an idiot and, at worst, a manipulating self-serving git and either way is doing nothing for to solve racial issues in the US.

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That was how I look at it

by jdclyde In reply to JD

I didn't want to lead the discussion one way or the other so I tried to just stay with the new interview.

It seems crazy to think this is a grand conspiracy showing a new level of bigotry?

But then, I am really "sheltered" as far as much of the race hate goes, working in smaller towns that are almost exclusively white.

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Rev. Jackson WAS almost an abortion

by maxwell edison In reply to Rev Jackson against abort ...

I don't remember the exact details, but quite a few years ago, I read an article that revealed that Jessie Jackson was born to a 15 year old single teenage mother, and she "almost" aborted that pregnancy.

So I suppose that story could actually support BOTH sides of the abortion issue.

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Just a thought

by neilb@uk In reply to Rev Jackson against abort ...

As most of the rabid anti-abortionist protestors seem to be white - at least from images from our news programmes - they maybe it makes sense to put the clinics in black neighbourhoods. Less likely to be fore-bombed.

But, whatever the reason, as Mae correctly stated it's all about choice. At least until your old, white, male President and Senate change the law.

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I have heard this before

by jdclyde In reply to Just a thought

but figured it was just an anti-abotionist in racists clothing.

When I again hear this by Jackson, and just two days ago, it makes me wonder if there are more people out there that actually believe this?

As it is generally Democrats that make the clinics and run them, exactly WHO is suppose to be behind this "genocide" (as he puts it) against the black community? THAT is what I am hoping to understand.

I am not here making the anti/pro judgement.

Is this just Jackson stiring the racial pot again to get back in the spotlight or is this really an issue?

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A false conclusion

by maxwell edison In reply to Rev Jackson against abort ...

Just because "black women make up about 13% of the population, yet account for over 30% of the abortions", it doesn't mean they're being "targeted" for abortion. Perhaps it's indicative of the number of unwanted pregnancies that occur within that particular demographic. Moreover, that particular demographic has a higher rate of births to single women as well -- a MUCH higher rate. AND a much higher rate of one-parent homes.

Since others will call my statistics "biased", perhaps someone else will look them up and post them. Some reputable liberal think-tank should have the numbers.

Abortion clinics are no different than any other good or service. Have the demand, and they shall come to provide the supply.

Jessie Jackson in a race-baiter, pure and simple. And, in my opinion, he's just as big a racist as the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, but much more damaging.

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by maecuff In reply to A false conclusion

We agree. Except, I don't see how Jessie Jackson could be more damaging than the Grand Wizard of the KKK. I don't disagree that he is a racist, but I don't see how he is more damaging.

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