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Right. I am back. Whats been happening?

By stargazerr ·
Hello World.

Whats new?

I havent got my duck yet. Who all are new to TRI? Did Mambo finally enter the gutter of his own free will? Whats new with the impure brigade? GG, did Dawg get us tickets yet?

Update me please ....... I feel like a newbie again

Oh and for those who are really interested in buying me presents, My birthday is on saturday. No jd, I wont be turning 17 !!


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birthday? and not 17th? ]:) that means

by Jaqui In reply to Right. I am back. Whats b ...

it's SWEET 16 ]:)

protiusx is trying to start a new el type discussion, on global warming.

DM isn't as pure as he claims, he has been known to post smut. ]:)

shoot jd, no duck yet.

TRI? what's that? some dead place?

no idea, I'm to twisted for the impure brigade. ]:)

otherwise, the same old. not much new.

I did get a new [ to me ] router for free last night, now I just need to find the documents.

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by stargazerr In reply to birthday? and not 17th? ] ...

Thanks Jaq. Thats very informative.

I cannot be sweet 16 all over again. I was sweet 16 when I posted that link in jd's "take care of what you write" discussion.

This time, I am actually rocketing off to 23 !!

Congrats on you router. So when do I get my present ? A network HDD would do very nicely ..


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Hey SG!

by Old Guy In reply to Right. I am back. Whats b ...

Glad you're back. We have missed you. There's been a few MIA lately. Haven't heard from M_A_R_K in awhile. ProtiusX just came back to the world a couple of days ago.

Good to hear from you! :)

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Thanks Old Guy

by stargazerr In reply to Hey SG!

Lets go the lovely old english way and say Cheers old guy !!

I havent heard from Mark either. Maybe his two dogs got lost and he is out in the wilderness somewhere looking for them.


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Good to see you back SG

by Tig2 In reply to Right. I am back. Whats b ...

As to what all has been going on- EVERYTHING and NOTHING. There have been some good discussions, some not so good discussions, some mediocre tripe... Business as usual, in other words.

Dawg has been MIA last couple of weeks. Haven't seen hide nor hair of M_A_R_K. Jck stuck his head in for a moment as did Gret. For the most part, the cast hasn't changed much.

The tone lately has been a tad on the snippy side. I know I was guilty. Others can speak for themselves (or not).

Mambo is on vacation this week- don't think we will see much of him before Monday at the earliest.

Good to have you back!

Edited to fix a typo and add- Incidentally, Julian is sick of us too...

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A happy return gazer!

by jdclyde In reply to Good to see you back SG

Did anyone else notice that Julian just couldn't stay away from TR completely? He has been obstaining from posting in the MISC section though. You missed the discussion about his mail order 19 year old. On second thought , you didn't really miss anything. More like a train wreck that you couldn't take your eyes off.

Lots of new trolls popping up all over the place. got rid of a few, had a few take their place.

We tried to plan a BBQ party for Shellbots daughter to build a wedge between said daughter and scumbucket boyfriend. Got put on the back burner as it was too much to pull off on short notice with as busy as Shell is right now. If you know of ways to break two kids up, we will need them!

GG has been in less and less lately, as she had another investigation AND her office has averaged about 92F. (poor thing!)

For the most part, it is business as usual.

So are you well? That ringing in your ear last week was us wondering if everything is alright because we hadn't heard anything in a while.

Welcome home.

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The charmer jd as usual

by stargazerr In reply to A happy return gazer!

And he didnt even comment on me turning 17 ... Had a brain transplant jd ??

Its been so hot here lately. I only came to my senses yesterday when we finally got Air con in the office. I must have melted to half my size since summer started, and I am from India !!! I can so sympathise with GG

Hmm .. separating kids on pretext of a BBQ .. Sounds interesting. I shall think up a few ideas about what us 'kids' dont like about each other.

GG sent me a few links for all the important discussions I have missed. So I am going to spend my "internetless" time tonite to read thru them and come to work all pepped up tommorow

Thanks a million for the welcome !!


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Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUUU!

by jdclyde In reply to The charmer jd as usual

No transplant, just wasn't up to discussing that topic while having Julians discussion so fresh in my mind. Needed to go take a shower, as it always leave you feeling dirty somehow just by reading it.

The kids to separate are in their mid teens, and the boys is a real deadend street.

17 huh? Drat! Too far away for your birthday spankings! ]:)

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by stargazerr In reply to Happy Birthday to YOUUUUU ...

Howz 23 for birthday spankings ??

Thank yooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu .... There's a huge huge bash planned on saturday .... Though I dont have the plans .. just the orders to be at the club at 8 pm .. Any thoughts on how I can stop them from tossing me into the air 23 times and maybe ending up murdering me on my birthday ??

Dont alk about Jules just yet. I have no idea what u are on about. I still have to go through the links GG sent.

You still sure you like girls ??


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Thanks Tig

by stargazerr In reply to Good to see you back SG

Hey whats up with Jules? I did see a note about his dissatisfaction somewhere when I popped my head on TR a few weeks ago !! ..Or was that when rob dropped me a line? But ~ears wide open wth interest~ what happened?


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