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Road Trip

By Packratt ·
So, we're off to do yet another contract in another state, this one nearly 3,000 miles away across the US. We're driving from Pennsylvania to Washington this time and would like some advice.

So, my fellow TR brothers and sisters who are dispersed across the world, which route should we take and what sights should we stop to see so that the kids and parents don't go insane in the car for four or five days straight?

Mr. Map says the quickest way is I80-I94-I90 through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and finally Washington... I am considering a shift to avoid I94 through ND and take I90 through South Dakota and Wyoming to Montana instead but I'm not sure, both seem to have something to offer...

Other than that, either route I take, where should we stop to take a gander at the greatness of those parts of the USA?

I turn to my fellow TR peeps for some advice, let's see what comes of it.

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The easy route

by Oz_Media In reply to Road Trip

Buy two plane tickets, first class with a glass of bubbly, put the kids in the trunk of the car with a Gameboy(don't forget some lettuce and airholes).

Call a taxi and fly to your destiniation in calm, stylin' peace.

Have a safe trip! (leave your nail clippers at home)

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by Packratt In reply to The easy route

We'd probably save a bundle on children's valium if we did it that way...

Thanks for the suggestion! (though I was pretty certain you would have suggested going through Canada instead.)

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only one part

by Jaqui In reply to Yeah

the Canadian Rockies.
via Trail BC.
then the interior, along highway 3 to highway 1 merging.
along highway 1 until you get to aldergrove turnoff, head to the border into washington state, just a few miles north of I5 and maybe 2 hours away from Seattle.

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Took the words right out of my... keyboard

by house In reply to only one part

Swing through Canada. Those states sound pretty boring to me.

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Rogers pass

by Oz_Media In reply to only one part

A little further North and you cancomein through ROgers Pass and down to Rossland. THough it's not a great time of year for ROgers Pass right now and it would be alengthy detour.

But you're right, coming down through Cranbrook, Trail, Grand Forks and through the Okanagan would be pretty breathtaking and the highways are better right now. I've did that drive a hundred times when I lived out that way and it still leaves me in awe every time as if it was the first.

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Nothing better for a vehicle on a long trip

by jdclyde In reply to only one part

than a nice relaxing drive up and down a mountain. Great for the engine on the way up and making sure your trans and breaks are shot on the way down.

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by Packratt In reply to Nothing better for a vehi ...

Trying to get prices for tune-ups and oil changes today... That and a roof carrier but those seem too expensive for our budget so far, especially since we don't have a roof rack which seems a requirement.

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Thanks for the link!

by Packratt In reply to Samsonite

Yowza is that ever too expensive though. But about the same as if I would install a roof rack and get a cheap cargo thing.

Thanks for the link anyways. Looks like we'll cram things in some other way.

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You just made FireFox go strange

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Samsonite

It's rendered the entire link as one line and my browser window is twice as wide as usual.
Woke me up that did.
Where the 'ells Next gone ?

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