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Roadmap For Handling NOC Requests

By dgeiser ·
Hello, All,
I have a seemingly complex and perplexing issue I need to address and I thought maybe some others would have experience with this issue or something similar to it.<br>
My company was recently bought by another and we are migrating the process that we use to monitor the uptime on our servers from our office to another office that is in a different state. In addition to my current job duties my boss asked me if I would like to become our liason with the "out of state" office for change requests, software deployment, etc. related to this new method of monitoring. When the subject was first broached I thought it sounded like an interesting challenge but now I'm not so sure.<br>
Here is a description of our new process:<br>
1) Machine flagged down by "out of state" NOC.<br>
2) Person on duty at NOC calls me.<br>
3) I contact operations for that machine. Tell them the NOC has contacted us and said a machine is not responding.<br>
4) Operations looks into issue. Gives me an update, fixed, permanent downtime, etc.<br>
5) I call "out of state" NOC and appraise them of the status. They take notes in their ticketing system.<br>
This happens about 6 times a day. Am I the only one that sees an issue with this process? I am interested in knowing what the standard procedure is for situations like this. It seems to me there is about 3 hops too many and I'm right in the middle of it.<br>
Am I the only one that thinks this is ridiculously bureaucratic? I have nothing to do with the resolution of any issues. I thought I would be planning what would be monitored, investigating methods, etc. Instead I am some glorified receptionist.<br>
Any advice is appreciated...

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