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By Oz_Media ·
:-) this is great! It seems that Tr has fixed the Q&A point issue and dklippert you have been tossd to the bottom of th etop 5 list.

In fact, I am upset now that with 50,000 points I was beaten out by a 20 and even ZERO pointer!!

How did Max and Anna get bumped, or Joseph for that matter?!?

Guess it's time for us to pull our socks up and start earning (or losing) some points.

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Unresolved different? issues

by stress junkie In reply to ROFLMAO

What does one do when the TQ&A question poster gets
the right answer and they're too ignorant to
understand it? "Oh that can't be the right answer to my
network issue because I have a silver keyboard."

The there's the problem that the TQ&A question poster
gets the right answer and never marks the answer as
"Accepted" so they got the answer for "free" and the
answer poster gets no points.

Another problem is that the list of open questions
contains many questions where the question poster got
their answer. You can waste a lot of time if you browse
the list of open questions only to find that most of
them are already correctly answered.

All these issues tend to reduce the enjoyment.
Answering questions that were "incorrectly" posted to
the Discussions Center is better because there is no
expectation that the question poster will do anything
once they get their answer.

Lastly I was absolutely shocked by the response by
you, Oz_media, to the question posted by ruralgeezer,
er, I mean gbrownlee. The question was posted to
Discussion Center yesterday and was entitiled "I find it
hard to believe". It is essentially identical in its topic to
a question posted a week or so ago but your response
was entirely different.

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Yeah, yeah - we know...

by Brinley-CNET In reply to Unresolved different? iss ...

TechPoints is at the top of a short bug list generated after our big deploy. See this thread for a short explanation:

I am part of a group here at TR that is undertaking community enhancements. It is a diverse group of backgrounds, and most of us use discussion boards, both TR and external, many times a day. We're just getting things moving, but things move a little faster around TR these days.

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