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ROI and Business reason to build a testing and preproduction environment

By steve ·
Does anyone having a ROI or business white paper that covers the justification to build a test/preproduction envirnoment?

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That would be an interesting ROI

by JimHM In reply to ROI and Business reason t ...

That would be a very interesting ROI to see. You need that environment - we have a 3 stage environment - which has never been questioned by management - just on the pure logic of its need.

Stage 1 - Development areas (Including Development Test environment)

Stage 2 - End User test environment -

Stage 3 - Application / System test environment and application/system sign-off (Ready for production)

Production -

That was explained to management many moons ago and has never been questioned in its need. I would say its difficult to ROI all that swag ...

What is it going to cost in Corporate Name, Application outages, Application illwill - rather than spending a few extra thousand on additional environments - Take a system from development into Production - shall we call that the Microsoft Method -

I would skip - Where would you even start with the numbers... but if someone had one I would also love to see it... It would be interesting.

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Here's one from Jim Linn - It could help you sell the

by JimHM In reply to ROI and Business reason t ...

Here's one posted on Canadian bank problem - that could help you sell multiple environments without and ROI ... From Jim Linn..

Banking disaster
For most of you non-Canadians, you may have missed this.

Canada's largest bank, the Royal Bank of Canada(or RBC) implemented a patch to their software and had some major issues recovering from it.

I'm sure there are lots of lessons to learn, about software testing, crisis communications and other areas. cle.aspx?id=idgml-b412c30c-e249-4dee&s=483013

It is easy to play Monday morning quarterback, but are we all prepared to face something like this?


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