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sad state of affairs

By Jaqui ·
when this can happen anywhere.

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Not all that uncommon

by jardinier In reply to sad state of affairs

An elderly woman in my block of condos suffered a stroke and fell on the floor beside her bed. She lay there for four days before anyone thought to check on her.

And in another incident, a friend of mine hanged himself from the ceiling light fitting -- in the bed sitter adjacent to mine. It was two or three days before the caretaker thought to check. He summoned a policeman to be the first person to open the door.

The really spooky part was that, given the probable time of death, I was quite likely practising guitar in the adjacent room and he may
have hung himself because he felt that his quality of life was so much poorer than mine.

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Could have been something else

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Not all that uncommon

How well do you play ?

One I always remember is a young boy being abducted by several men in broad daylight, dragged off, sexually abused and then killed. Tens of people saw him being kidnapped but didn't interfere as it wasn't any of their business.

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It was probably your guitar playing that drove him round the bend.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Not all that uncommon

That plus he imagined his life sucked. You can't know what can drive some people, sometimes.

Dawg ]:)

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his life sucked

by jardinier In reply to It was probably your guit ...

Yes it certainly did. He was a highly intelligent person, in fact I think (but am not sure) that he worked in IT as a programmer.

His marriage had failed and he was not allowed any contact with his four sons -- the latter being the thing that grieved him the most -- that he could not be a father to his sons.

No, it was not my guitar playing that drove him to the brink, but at that particular point in time it may have been the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.

How well do I play the guitar? In those days (this was 20 years ago) well enough to busk and also to be the solo vocalist (accompanied by myself on guitar) at church services at the Wayside Chapel.

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