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Safe or Not

By d_j_owen2002 ·
Out of curiosity I clicked on the Market Place Partners link for XP for $50.
This takes you to a site
which seems to have excellent offers.
I am a little concerned as I had email from them previously that when I clicked through wanted payment details via email and on this link wants them supplied on line but I don't see any sign of the padlock symbol for a secure site.

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If it sounds too good to be true...

by pgm554 In reply to Safe or Not

It probably is.

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by TheChas In reply to Safe or Not

Most of these offers are shipping software from Eastern Europe.

All of the software is OEM versions that they got from who knows where.

I do not like to order from any firm that will not provide a physical address for their business.

Further, if they have the software in stock, why does it take 2 to 3 weeks to ship?

While I have been tempted myself, I just expect to have some problem with installation or registration of the software.


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Not Safe or legal

by TinaRR In reply to Risky

Recently a friend ordered from one of those sites a very cheap software package, sure it installs but there is no registration number, meaning no support from the actual vendor, or free upgrades and patches that you will get from authorized resellers. If you want safe and legal software go to thru the proper channels.
just my 2c

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Its not legal. Period. End of story.

by TomSal In reply to Safe or Not

These sites hound me all the time, for about 2 years now actually (on and off). I researched this alot, even played games with them pretending I really cared and that I had deep pockets. They are shady at best, however most often they are just pathetic. I have to pull teeth to get a straight answer on contact information, you can forget about a refund policy, etc.

What a really good laugh? Ask these guys how did you acquire OEM stock and you sell no hardware? (Speak with Microsoft on this...they'll tell you there is no LEGAL reseller agreement they have for selling OEM versions of their products to any non-accredited training institution, Microsoft solution provider, or licensed retailer of computer parts and accessories).

The most glaringly obvious illegality to this BESIDES the price (on which even wholesale doesn't offer to suppliers as low as some of the prices these sites makes you go, "hmmmmm" - if they bought it legally at wholesale how would they make a profit at the prices they sell?) is the fact that its OEM! You can't sell OEM (at least not Microsoft) WITHOUT also buying hardware to go with it...its ILLEGAL!

So..long and short of this...they are shady operations, don't be surprised if they take your money without giving you product, and if you get product don't cry if you find the copy doesn't work -- has invalid keys, etc.

DEFINITELY a no no for a company to use.

MAYBE if you have cash to burn and aren't paranoid of the SBA finding out...try it at home for personal use.

ok I'm done...*gets off soap box*

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Thats what I figured

by d_j_owen2002 In reply to Its not legal. Period. En ...

Thanks for all the replies.
I thought it sounded iffy. No I don't have deep pockets hence the interest on price. Was just concerned about the security but you have all pointed out other issues to me. Curious why Tech Republic allows them to advertise in market place on the front of the site.

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