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By eagleswede1 ·
I am currently using Win98 2nd Ed. as my operating system. I have considered upgrading to Win2002XP. However, I was at a friends home and was playing on his new computer which runs the 2002XP, and tried to perform some of the usual tasks as I would with win98. Example, I can right click and save text or picture by selecting save as. But with win2002XP I could not find that option. How do I SAVE AS, on the 2002XP program?
Are there many such changes with the program?
Thank You

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by MallardtooXX In reply to Save as

does your friend have w2k or wXP? There are a lot of changes in the way things are done between w98se and w2k there are also a lot of different functions. As for the operating system it is simple; if you like Blue screens of death or constant lockups stick with 98, if you like more stability but less gaming action move to windows 2000 and if you want crap in a box then move to windows xp. Sorry about the last one but I HATE WINDOWS XP...sorry again. Swede you should expiriment with different systems until you are comfortable with one, then you should buy it and love it like a pet until it crashes and you throw it out the window. It just takes time to explore your options and like I said before my rant,
there are lots of different features to explore in the new windows.

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Classic mode

by TheChas In reply to Save as

There is a large learning curve moving from W98 to XP.

That said, the more I use XP, the better I like it.

You can choose to set up your menus in 'classic' mode. Then, they are more similar to W98.

As far as I know, I still have the same save as functions, and more.

It is also possible that your friends system has the hide unused features enabled.

In this mode, XP looks at menu options and shortcuts that you do not use and removes them for you.


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Chas is right

by MallardtooXX In reply to Classic mode

The learning curve is very large from 98 to xp. As usual I am spouting off because I bought XP when it came out and I was very disgruntled by a few things with in the program, but that is just one simple ducks' opinion. I would say that classic mode would be your best bet to emulate 98 but I still say that bill gates is the anti-christ and he is just waiting to take over the world one day with his information that we didn't send to microsoft on our last update!!!! okay maybe not but you never know =)

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