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Save to My Workspace button.....

By gadgetgirl ·


I have one!!!!

Just wanted to say thankyouverymuchly!

(now, can you just remind me why I have it, please??? The "added value" of that is escaping me at the moment!)



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Stay tuned

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Save to My Workspace butt ...

All will be revealed in short order.

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Now look, pal

by gadgetgirl In reply to Stay tuned

who are you calling a short order?


Who told you I was only 5' and anextremelyimportantlittlebit tall?


(c'mon Jay, this is me - you left that wide open )

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Oh my.....

by jdclyde In reply to Now look, pal

and it will be revealed WHERE?????

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GG Workspace comes with a Next Generation Uniform

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Now look, pal

In your case I think we'll pick the wedding attire for Deanna Troi.

If you don't know what that means I'm sure Jay will fill you in.

And I want to see all the pictures posted on the TR site as well.

Col ]:)

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DOUBLE oh my.....

by jdclyde In reply to GG Workspace comes with a ...
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now, now Col!

by gadgetgirl In reply to DOUBLE oh my.....

Naughty boy, slap wrists.

I know what you meant, I have no need to ask Jay. (TNG was favourite Trek!)

As for posting the pics, naughty boy, Col. If you don't start playing nice, SWMBO will be told of this. (And as she has you so well trained, I'm sure would not approve)

as for jd - aren't the photos you see from the webcam good enough?


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GG I did tell SHMBO

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to now, now Col!

And she laughed so I'm waiting for the pictures, a hint a geletine filter over the lens of the camera gives a nice soft finish but of course you can not use these with the cheaper Digital Cameras so you're either stuck with film or a very good Digital Camera if you buy me a H2 Blad I'll take the photos and I do have all the filters and lenses I just need a body and back.

Col ]:)

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If you keep dropping cars on it; of course you'd need a body and back.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to GG I did tell SHMBO

Probably a new cranium as well. BTW the new 'blads are great. But unfortunately there will be an H3 in 2007. Now what will that be like. As Picard says,"Make it so." Do you want to buy a used H2??? BTW remind me to tell you how to take nude photos without going to all the bother of getting them undressed.

Dawg ]:)

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Dawg I reserve the right to drop cars on myself

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to GG I did tell SHMBO

Never a Blad body that's way too expensive over here. I only have 2 500 ELM bodies and they are what I do use although I was loaned a H2 for a few days well weeks as they couldn't get it back once they where foolish enough to lend me one.

I was really quite surprised to find that all the 500 lenses fitted the H2 so I had a field day with it while I had it here only problem is the batteries when flat too fast. And even worse the wife insisted that I give it back eventually I gave in to stop the nagging but the pictures that I got with the H2 body/Back and my 1,200 mm telephoto are interesting. I may even have a couple of them printed when I get around to it or take them with me loaded on my NB the next time I'm called into the Pro Lab that I do work for. Sounds fair printing off some of my photos just to make sure that the hardware is working properly and being paid for it into the bargain. :^O

Actually I hardly ever pull the Blads out these days they are way to heavy to carry around for most of my typical work and the lousy Sony 4 MEG Pixel works just fine for any legal work that I need to do for reports for insurance companies and the like. While they look OK on the printed page they do leave a bit to be desired if they are blown up for legal proceedings but then again if I know that is going to be happening I drag out some film and snap off a few shots. 6 X 4 look OK but much bigger and they look lousy but I'm waiting to see what one from the H2 looks like when taken to 30 X 40 that should work out nearly as well as film.

Besides where is the fun in taking nudes if they have their clothes on? :)

Anyway Her Royal Highness is going to be the one posing so I don't really care besides you get a better more life like picture without all that unnecessary rubbish on that alters the figure.

Col ]:)

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Me? Pose?

by gadgetgirl In reply to GG I did tell SHMBO

oh, you just gotta be kidding! And most definitely NOT in the nude! (want to put everyone off lunch, here?!) No, honestly, I NEED clothing to hide behind!

(Apart from the fact that everything looks like it could do with a good ironing these days!!!)

No, Col. No chance.

Besides, have you ever seen royalty pose in the nude before? I think not.....!


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