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Saving Email Msgs from Outlook Express

By L. Dennis ·
Running Outlook Express 6. Would like to save or export the messages to a file in order to be able to recover them later. Current options for this only allow exporting msgs to Outlook which will not help me as Am doing a system overhaul requiring a format of the C: drive. After the system rebuild would like to import these email msgs back into Outlook Express. Does anyone know how to do this?

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saving Email for Outlook Express

by dsa In reply to Saving Email Msgs from Ou ...

Search for *.dbx in your computer and copy them to a floppy or other media. Make note of where it was stored and copy it back to the same directory after you have reinstalled outlook express.

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Saving/Backing up Outlook Express

by C_Morffew In reply to Saving Email Msgs from Ou ...

The best way of achieving the results that you need is to backup the whole of the Outlook Database's that you use.

By backing up these databases you will save all your email messages, new, old, folders etc. To do this backup the .dbx files on your hard drive and copy it too a floppy disc(if it is not too big, otherwise copy to somewhere you can keep it).

To locate the exact location of the .dbx files right mouse click on the Inbox in Outlook Express and choose Properties. It will then list the file location. Copy all the files in this location to your backup area.

When you have restored your system copy all the files that you backed up over the top of the ones that were created once you installed Outlook Express again.

NOTE:this will work for each identity in OUtlook express. If you have more that one identity you will have to do this for each identity registered in identity manager.

Hope this helps.

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by L. Dennis In reply to Saving/Backing up Outlook ...

It Worked! Thanks Chris. (:-)


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Recovering OE folders/messages

by marlie_s In reply to Saving Email Msgs from Ou ...

Copy your identities folder onto a different drive, or zip to floppy.

C:/Windows/Application Data/Indentities

By doing this, it makes sure all of your folders are saved as well.

After you have formatted and re-installed OE, copy/paste the identities folder you backed up to

C:/Windows/Application Data/Indentities

Hope this helps!


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