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Say it aint so!!!!!

By jkaras ·
Well with the news of the breaking whistleblower on steriod use in professional sports has prompted many guilty athletes to spin damage control like Giambi, Bonds, and reports of Marion Jones. Everyone has known for some time that athletes or olympians have used them willingly or pressured from coaches, team owners to step up or its over. Sports is all about money and big business/sponsorship. Now that it is out offically will it get cleaned up, made legal, prompt much needed stringent testing/rules that will cascade into collegic sports? Sports has never in its history dealt with so much negitive press in all sports in just one year. Do you think there is any integrity in sports or only when attempting to teach the spirit of competition to youngsters despite parents odd behavior wanting always to win?

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by JamesRL In reply to Say it aint so!!!!!

...well remember Ben Johnson and sprinting in the Seoul Olympics. It was our shame to be stripped of the gold. And yet, even now, doping in one form or another still goes on, despite more and better testing. At the last Olympics, a Canadian won gold instead of bronze because both of the women who beat her were disaqualified on drug tests.

When it comes to amateur sports, I still see the issues here around amateur hockey, competitiveness and parental pressure. These things in this and other sports certainly contribute to the win at all costs attitutde that drives atheletes to cheat.


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Perhaps more important ....

by jardinier In reply to Say it aint so!!!!!

and more interesting.

Have any officially recorded world records been achieved with the use of drugs?

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How would that be ascetained?

by mlandis In reply to Perhaps more important .. ...

I am sure the answer to your question is yes. There is so much prestige, money and fame riding on these athletic or sports achievements that, for some, to win at any cost is more important than winning honestly. That would be human nature.

But how would we know?


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A rhetorical question ....

by jardinier In reply to How would that be ascetai ...

Well at this precise point in time it is obviously a rhetorical question.

But I see no reason why in the future it could not be made mandatory for any world (or other) record breaker to undergo a test for performance enhancing drugs AT the time of such event.

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It is mandatory

by JamesRL In reply to A rhetorical question ... ...

That the winners at Olympic and World Championship events and indeed most major meets in many sports, are tested. Along with random testing.

But it is possible to fool drug tests, either by tapering off before an event, or by using "newer" drugs which are undetectable.

Then there is blood doping - taking some of your own blood out, letting the body replenish, then putting the stored blood back in before the race. Up until recently there was no test for it.

If you talk to some of the athletes, it may be if there are any world records which are not drug enhanced.


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Then there are the naturally occurring substances

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to It is mandatory

Like HGH which are now being used to increase performance.

I do not know exactly how you would put in place a test to determine if the level of HGH {Human Growth Hormone} as too far above the average or for that matter what is the average for a particular athlete.

While not related as such the newest Hormone Replacement Therapy doesn't involve ingesting hormones but a substance which the liver converts into the required hormones for menopausal women.

Now if something like this was developed for performance enhancement just what would be tested for and how would a test be derived? The real problem is the Win at Any Cost Mentality that is promoted which to me is hideous for so called armature athletes.

Also what happens if an athlete suffers a severe injury where the standard treatment would involve a "Banned Drug?" Is it right that these people get a lesser form of medical treatment than the average member of the community. If this is the case I wounder just why anyone would ever consider becoming an athlete in the first place.


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by jkaras In reply to Then there are the natura ...

The bottom line for the win at all costs is sports are not just recreation it business first and foremost. They invest their entire life towards a prolific career in said sport. Losers cant get a job for just being an ok athlete like a government job. Most athletes are pushed through the scholastic system because we allow it and consider said school as a great school because they have the best athletes, not minds or teachings. We know that there is corruption and exploitation of these athletes and its either play ball or quit being labled as not having enough heart or not willing to do what it takes, like playing hurt. Sponsors add and drop athletes pending on their performance because their dollars invested represent customer confidence in said product, like if you drink this coke or wash your clothes with this some how you too could achieve better performance or that the product in some way enhanced s(he) ability. Its called selling the dream. Not everyone can have abilities and you do the best you can whether physical or mental. If you had a choice of making millions in whatever sport or a couple of thousands for a good job, I would pick sports everytime, even bench warmers make major moola.

To me athletes are way more intelligent when it comes to their bodies and are very educated in health. My buddy who was tried to be a professional body builder knows soo much about health that he would have indept conversations with our friend's dad who was a doctor. My buddy barely passed high school and needs assistance in following a movie plot, but get him to talk about any product for working out and he could sound like a doctor pointing out false claims and combining certain products to maximize potential plus any techniques to mask any drug use. Its very surreal to see a person switch intelligence pending upon topic. Any athlete that claims that s(he) didnt know what they were given or didnt question is so full of it. Giambi only confessed because like all dopers after stopping the treatments their body rejects everything and has to readjust to compensate the loss of the drug. When he mysteriously got ill with parasite problems and supposed tumors it was a red flag for use.

On commentator made a point that a drug doesnt replace talent. An example is that said drug cannot make someone who cant hit a ball with a bat by taking it, only stronger or faster. Is it cheating? **** yeah, but this has been going on for sometime and will continue. All sports including pee-wee leagues need to sit down with parents to teach everyone that its not about winning but having fun. Parents know inspired by Tiger Woods story are all trying to train their kid to be a sports star at age three for a payoff of their genitic stew. Thier is a lot of poor examples that start in the home well before it reaches any competitive performance in high school to the pros.

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