SBS2003 and Login reloads

By demosthanese ·
So I've asked this question on multiple forums multiple times(inlc here) and never gotten a single response so I'll give it another shot:

I'm running sbs2003R2 using iis, sharepoint, soft and hard firewalls, static ip. My contractors work from home and have to come to the website to get their work packets/proof notes etc. The question i have is this:

Why is it that i can access everything with no problems when i browse to the IP. But when i browse to my FQDN i get the main html welcome site, and can get to the /exchange and /remote sites, but when i enter any valid credentials (incl admin) the page just reloads. This applies to be both internal and external computers.
This KB sounds similar but the rww page doesnt even flash. the page just reloads. I did do this anyway, just to see if it helped.

Now the 2nd part of the same question:
I want the contractors to also be able to login to the website w/o having to go all the way around RWW to do it. However changing the link inside the html doc for the welcome page to (as per )the link loads for a very long time (long enough for me to decide it isnt going anywhere and close the win).

Any tidbit would be helpful, even if you arent sure whether its 100%. Thanks in advance!

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Is this SBS Premium with ISA?

by CG IT In reply to SBS2003 and Login reloads

Also did you run the CIECW wizard and choose RWW OWA for firewall settings?

on an other note:

RWW portal is meant for company remote users for collaboration efforts, get email, and remote desktop. Users must authenticate to Active Directory [DC].

It really isn't meant as a portal for customers as you would have to create an account for them in AD which then gives them access to the company network.

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by demosthanese In reply to Is this SBS Premium with ...

Yeah i did run the CIECW and no im not using it for customers. The people using it are my employees and they are authenticating against AD. But all that works, you just have to browse to it with the IP instead of the FQDN.

Thanks for the trying though!

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by demosthanese In reply to Is this SBS Premium with ...

Sry didnt catch the title the first time. This is SBS03 Standard w/o ISA.

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