SBS2003 CALs

By demosthanese ·
We are just moving out of our original 5 cals and im a bit confused as to how these things work. Right now we have about 10 people connecting on and off 5 of them are here in the office and the rest are contractors or field workers. My confusion comes from reading device v. user cal desciptions. I know we have more than 5 people connected at points. For instance i just got an email from one of my contractors from OWA and we have 5 people in the office. So what does that mean? BTW i got the popup about CALS on the sbs03 login screen when she logged in.

What kind of liscences should i be looking for here? We just hired 2 new office and 1 new field person, and i know we are about to hire 2 - 3 more contractors.

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You will need to either

by Tig2 In reply to SBS2003 CALs

Purchase additional CALs- it sounds like you need a minimum of 15- in groups of five or look into the size of the next larger pack.

If I recall it correctly, a user who connects from a desktop at the office and also connects from home only needs one CAL. But a user who connects with two devices concurrently will require two.

Hope this is helpful!

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by demosthanese In reply to You will need to either

yeah i know i need more. im prob just gonna spring for the 20 pack. we get a better deal that way anyway. The thing is it seems like i only need enough cals to cover the concurrent connections (ie, 5 people in the office then 2 online. 1 diconnects and somone else comes in to take the cal assignment.)Even if i over buy it will just give us padding for later i guess.

As a side note to the CALs question: What happens if i upgrade to server03 or 07 from sbs. anyone know if my CALs will upgrade w. me? Also, if i end up using multiple boxes instead of all the virtual servers built into sbs will i need 1cal per server box? (ie 1 for exchange, 1 for web, 1 for AD etc)

Thanks again!

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User CALs and Device CALs

by CG IT In reply to purchasing

if you have more than 1 server, get user CALs.

If you have only 1 server, then device CALs.

user CALs allow the user to connect to multiple servers without requiring a CAL for each server [in the domain].

Device CALs are just that. CALs for devices that connect to the server and are only good for 1 server.

When you install Windows Server 2003 it asks whether you want per seat [user] or per server [device]. This sets how the built in CALs are allocated. you can change it, but only once.

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Will SBS CALs transfer?

by wancona In reply to purchasing

Try looking at this link. Hopefully it's of help with the CALs issue

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Super helpful

by demosthanese In reply to Will SBS CALs transfer?

Wow that was really helpful thanks a bunch for pointing me over there!

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You're Welcome

by wancona In reply to Super helpful

No problem, just wanted to make sure I could help someone out.

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