scam emails

By batgirl_sa ·
A scam email is being sent out int he nme of the CEO of the company I work for... What action should be taken? how is this reported and to who and can these losers be tracked? i am not located in the US


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Not going to be fun...

by scott_heath In reply to scam emails

Contact law enforcement. See what they can do. You might be able to track things down, but it will take a lot of time. Server names and IPs are spoofed so you'll need copius logs with connection informations and specific time emails were sent\received. Most likely some unwitting person's PC or unsecured email server is being used as a mail relay, which is always hard to track.

If this isn't REALLY bad, then I would wait for it today. Maybe check into ex-employees with a solid technical background who left, shall we say, on less than favorable grounds.

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I agree, as a lot of times, it's an inside job by a former employee

by ManiacMan In reply to Not going to be fun...

who was disgruntled and has a vendetta against the company for whatever reason.

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