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Schedule automatic restart Win. NT 4.0

By Dan Osman ·
We have an Oce TDS600 running on a standalone Windows NT 4.0 computer that is locked in a cabinet. About every 7 to 10 days, we have to stop what we are doing, go upstairs two floors to that computer, unlock the cabinet, and hold the power button in so it will shut off. Then boot it back up. I know it is not good to shut it off that way, but we have no other choice. If we could "Schedule a task" for that computer to re-boot itself twice a week (or even once), it would prevent the lockups from happening. Any ideas would be great.


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by pgm554 In reply to Schedule automatic restar ...

If you had a decent UPS (APC Smart Series),you could have it shut down and reboot the server daily.

Aside from that, it sounds as if you have a memory leak on that box(NT 4 is notorious for that),so ,you might want to see what the issue really is as opposed to just rebooting weekly.

It kinda puzzles me as to how an unstable piece of mediocrity like NT ever got the market share it did.

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by mharr In reply to Schedule automatic restar ...

I have had to set this up for several clients, also, as MTS components would sometimes hang and not release. I used the shutdown.exe utility in the NT4 resource kit (download at You can set options to be able to force an immediate shutdown and restart. I would setup a batch file to run this command, and schedule it using the builtin AT scheduler (type AT /? from the command prompt for instructions).

If memory serves me correctly, the AT scheduler would not remember command after a restart. So I would create a batch file to run the AT command for the shutdown command, and put a call to that batch file in the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run hive in the registry, to be execute each time the machine was restarted.

Hope this helps

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