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scumbag members trying scams

By jdclyde ·
How can these people actually be STUPID enough to think that professional techs would fall for this crap?

Please disable their account, track them down and cut a finger off for each offence like this!
Also, anyone that wants to load up "her" email address, you have my blessings! was listed at the end as the contact information.

This is what I got in my peer mail.


One of your fellow TechRepublic members has sent you a private message:

From: lillan_1616@...
Subject: hi
Thanks and as ware chatting, here is my life history
please, here is all about me and I am waiting to hear from you so that we can move ahead with this if you can assist me.
I sent a pic of mine to you and will like to have yours and your phone and fax numbers while replying.

I am MISS JENNIFER ALICE KOSSA the first DAUGTER of late Mr SMITH.J. KOSSA,Who was formerly the director of unilever company Abidjan.

I am an undergraduate in the university of Accura Ghana .Well the death of my father occured on 9th noverber 2004 bomb blast which took place in Abidjan cote D'Ivoire,my father was injuried seriously though he could not give up the same day, while my mother Mrs Jullite kossa.and and my little brother die at a spot.I left school to wittness what is
going on,before my father last hour.My father revealed to me as his first DAUGTER that he made a deposite of huge amount of money in one of the bank here in Abidjan ($8.5million)Einght Million Five hunderd thousand dorllers.with my name as the next beneficary.
Please dear all I need is your urgent assistance so that we can retrive this Fund from the Bank and transfer it to your account.So I will join you there in your country for urgent investment with the fund.

please contact me with the email address if you are willing to assist sincerely.

Due regards.

Tel,0022507 345014
NB:Please send your informations if you are willing to assist

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So my proposal of marriage

by neilb@uk In reply to scumbag members trying sc ...

is probably a waste of time then?

We've done this thread before. I reckon that this is just a makeweight to keep JD at the top of the user list - extra points for starting threads. It's not quite as low as putting in shed-loads of little blog links but it's pretty damn close.

Hey! Michigan Man! Get on with some work. The rest of us have to.


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O, Neil - Great Seer and Oracle

by DMambo In reply to So my proposal of marriag ...

You have seen thru JD's ploy to start a thread as a weak effort to reclaim his short-lived #1 ranking.

This is about as low as some member posting to try to remove people from the list of those who count him as a contact. What a transparent yelp for affection and attention that was!

BTW - when did you propose to marry JD? I missed that one.

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When I discovered

by neilb@uk In reply to O, Neil - Great Seer and ...

that he was worth $8.5m

Everyone has their price and mine is very much lower than 8.5 mil!

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Actually, as I adopted jck some while back

by neilb@uk In reply to When I discovered

I'd better withdraw my offer as the two of them under my roof might prove to be a problem.

Just thinking out loud...

Neil ;\

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naw dad

by jck In reply to Actually, as I adopted jc ...

no need to worry about that...marry him... any good, strong, Englishman would do with whomever he takes in marriage...

Make him your wench!! :^O

I'll leave the house while you do...but, the beer and handiwipes will get left in the loo before I leave the house. :^O could go live with him in Michigan and freeze while I sit in England and keep your computers running and waiting for the UK to join the I can legally live in Ireland.

and I could keep fresh beer stocked for you too...I'm getting this brewing stouts and porter down to an art :)

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Listen here young man

by jdclyde In reply to naw dad

I don't think you would want ME to by your MOTHER! Just think about the harsh Christian punishments I could/would meter out to you!

You can still spank in Michigan as long as you don't leave a mark!

I would beat that liberal weenieism out of you once and for all!

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But has he earned the right to enter Michigan to be spanked ?

by wojnar In reply to Listen here young man

As a native Michigander, I object to any more foriegners entering the state. (Unless they live in south Detroit (Windsor) and have passes to the Windsor ballet.

I say we spank in Toledo it will bring some excitement to Ohio.

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by maecuff In reply to Listen here young man

Tell me you aren't thinking about spanking another man.. you are digging that hole deeper and deeper

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by jdclyde In reply to Listen here young man

think of it as a lob ball to you.

You haven't really beat up on many today, and I could tell it was building up to critical mass!

It was a public service to you, my dear!

As jck has me by about 6 inches, I would have no intention of taking him over my knee or any other part of my body! (hight! 6 inches HIGHT!)

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He said

by maecuff In reply to Listen here young man

six inches.. <insert beavis and butthead laugh here>

Oh..and don't try to back peddle by saying you lobbed one to me, that is beneath you.. :)

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