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Search doesn't cut it

By jdclyde ·
Several times I have tried to search for an old discussion and have been unable to find it.

I have even known the title of the discussion, but the search engine is just the little train that couldn't.

What is up with this?

Is there anything that can be done?

Shouldn't I be able to put in a title and find it? After all, this IS one of the options in the "Advanced" search?

Or a topic or poster. Get a list of all the discussions a poster has participated in? A certain topic in multiple discussions?

Many that I have been looking for are pre-tags, and with all the side discussions even tags won't always work.

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I've noticed

by Dr Dij In reply to Search doesn't cut it

that stuff seems to disappear eventually. If you posted in that discussion, is there a way to look up all your own posts?

They may have overflowing storage problems so want older stuff to fade away.. Too bad, there is lots of good info in old discussions, witness that some technical ones (not just political ones) are often resurrected with people just reading them.

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Discussions in "My Discussions" list have a short shelf life

by M_a_r_k In reply to I've noticed

The discussions listed under your "Discussions Participated In" are listed by discussion start date. And the list only has 20 discussions. So it only shows the newest 20 discussions. If you have a few long-duration discussions (like jd's Divorce discussion), I guess you have to try the useless search engine to find it because that one dropped off my list years ago. Or use google.

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Sorting changed recently

by DMambo In reply to Discussions in "My Discus ...

They used to sort the My Discussions by the date of the last post, which made it easy to see if there was anything new. They have since changed to sort by the date of the original post. I'm guessing that this was prompted by member requests. Some folks don't want to see a discussion at the top of the list after posting once and having no desire to return. Personally, I prefer the old method. I'll bet the new sort causes discussions to run out of steam faster since the easiest link to open it disappears as new threads are added.

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Adding another wish to the wish list

by M_a_r_k In reply to Sorting changed recently

Why totally nuke the old way when they add a new feature? I wish they'd give us the option to sort by last post date (the way it used to be) OR discussion start date (is now).

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I have asked before

by jdclyde In reply to Adding another wish to th ...

for the ability to sort by author, date of post, and date of last post.

The same is true in the "post by my contacts" list. I would love to sort that by the author.

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I agree

by firestar1 In reply to Adding another wish to th ...

Many sites give you a sorting option. It really wouldn't be that difficult and so much more convenient. I think everyone would prefer that.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Sorting changed recently

I also liked the old sequence of sorting by most recent activity. I don't remember seeing an announcement about the pending change or any survey asking which method the members preferred. I'd love to know where to submit a request to change back.

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That is what subscriptions are for

by jdclyde In reply to Discussions in "My Discus ...

to keep track of the discussions.

If you don't want the email notifications that go with it, have that go through your gmail account and then add your gmail account. Then just don't forward it, or if you do, see if you can filter out the "[TechRepublic] Recent activity on your discussion subscriptions" subject line.

Lotus Notes would do it, but who knows if M$ will.

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All versions of Outlook will,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to That is what subscription ...

But I don't know about Outlook Express, and I'm not willing to run it to test this.

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Hard to believe

by jdclyde In reply to I've noticed

with how cheap hard drives are, space CAN'T be a factor.

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