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Secondary Friday Yuk

By Old Guy ·
Not trying to take away from the System Admin Day-Friday Yuk but I wasn't sure how that one was going to go and I didn't want to take away from it. Anyway, maybe we can use two.

Here are some Error Messages you might be able to relate to or even use on your network:

User error

IE Sentinent

Random error

Windows Alert

Auto Updates

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This doesn't follow your entry so much..

by maecuff In reply to Secondary Friday Yuk

but I thought this would be a good place to display my family portrait..

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It looks like you have

by OnTheRopes In reply to This doesn't follow your ...

said the words, "I want bigger hair Mama".

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Good grief!

by NickNielsen In reply to This doesn't follow your ...

You're my neighbor!

Edit: You'd think with only five words in the original post that I would at least spell four of them correctly. Not so, oh foolish one...

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The sad thing is

by maecuff In reply to Good grief!

while that isn't REALLY my family, back in the 80's, I wore that exact hair style. It actually made me a tall girl..

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Really bad hair

by NickNielsen In reply to The sad thing is

When I was stationed in Germany, one of the ladies that worked in Customer Service at the PX wore her hair just like a girl from one of the Sunday funnies (Funky Winkerbean, I think). I remember the girl's name (in the comic) was Cindy and she wore a bang that rose from her forehead in a spike aimed off to one side.

The girl at the PX had the same kind of do; whenever she moved her head, this spike waved at you. some of us actually worried about our eyes. Saw her buying hairspray one day. She bought it by the case...

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Aqua Net

by maecuff In reply to Really bad hair

was a required product back then. That sh*t will hold ANYTHING in place.

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My sister would use it by the gallon

by faradhi In reply to Aqua Net

One day right after she finished, I stuck a poster to the bathroom door with just what she sprayed on it accidentally.

The poster tore when my father took it down that night.

That Stuff is better than superglue.

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I once

by maecuff In reply to My sister would use it by ...

used it to kill a monster sized cockroach in my bathroom. I lived in a crappy little apartment building that had me in one unit and very very old people in all the other units. I don't think they cleaned very often and their critters would always seem to make their way to my place. I put my bathrobe on one morning and felt something scratchy on my back, it was a godzilla sized roach. I sprayed it with aqua net and it became a statue..

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I'd Bet...

by faradhi In reply to My sister would use it by ...

that roach is still in prestine condition in some landfill.

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Mae I'm Horrified :8}

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My sister would use it by ...

That is Animal Abuse of the worst kind!!!!!!!!

Now as punishment go watch Joes Apartment 25 times or until you grow to love Roaches.

Col ]:)

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