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    Seeking Vacation Advice/Feedback


    by tomsal ·

    Well over the years I’ve seen folks post for all kinds of advice not pertaining to tech so here’s one that has nothing to do with work at all, but rather vacation…


    Its been a rough year so far for myself and my gf (both on an indiviual level for me and talking relationship wise)…

    Its time to relax, we are both happy about vacation time coming up and just relaxing. So I was thinking of booking a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. I was never there — either was she.

    We would be going the first week in September (Labor Day week).

    Any thoughts on this pick of a vacation spot around that time of year?

    Someone here said “Oh you are going there during hurricane season?”.

    So my thought is — are we supposed to live life in fear all the time or try and enjoy it?

    Anyway…I don’t have a WHOLE lot of money pinned for a vacation and I found a couple nice deals on Expedia for less than $1400 (including taxes) so I was getting excited about it.


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      if you want inexpensive, nice views,…

      by jck ·

      In reply to Seeking Vacation Advice/Feedback

      and no chance of drowning if a hurricane comes around, I can give you choices near the eastern seaboard (within a day).

      1) Asheville, NC area…beautiful area…when you travel outside of Asheville, prices start to get reasonable again until you get as far west as Cherokee County or east to Raleigh/Durham.

      2) If you’re into seeing sites, there are several things around Atlanta to do, such as Stone Mountain, Andersonville Civil War Historical Site, Six Flags, nightlife in downtown (Buckhead), etc.

      3) If you want something kinda between touristy and zen, try flying somewhere like Albuquerque and driving up to Santa Fe and seeing the sites. Don’t stay in Santa Fe…everything there is artsy and pricey…stay in a place like the Best Western in Albuquerque on Yale, if it’s still there.

      4) If you’re into southern charm and want coastal, I’d recommend Savannah, GA over Myrtle Beach, SC. Plus, Savannah has a lot more historical preservation if you’re into that. MB SC has become really resorty last I remember.

      Let me know if you need suggestions…I’ve been travelling the USA since I was born…

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      well, price wise

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to Seeking Vacation Advice/Feedback

      can’t help,
      but tornados, hurricanes, never. monsoons rarely.
      whale watching. ( killer whales, blue whales, not beached whales ) 😉
      mountains, beaches, Oz could drag ya to the races….

      and not to hot or cold.

      live theatre, concerts, tons of bars… I think the 7 day alaska cruises are still running at that time.

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      a little advice from someone who’s been there

      by itgirli ·

      In reply to Seeking Vacation Advice/Feedback

      While Expedia has some nice deals, you may have better luck actually getting info and pricing packages from the hotels. If you went after labor day, your costs would be 25% lower. The Hard Rock Cafe there isn’t that interesting other than it is shaped like a pyramid. I would suggest the House of Blues for both food and entertainment (best key lime pie ever). Many of the hotel also have indoor pools and water parks on the property. I have friends down there right now. Great place! Good fishing as well.

      Hurricanes rarely hit Myrtle Beach. I think it’s set in a trough. More are aimed for Charleston or farther north to Hatteras, NC.

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      Myrtle Beach is Nice

      by dmambo ·

      In reply to Seeking Vacation Advice/Feedback

      We stayed there several years ago in a little motel (names escapes me) on the north end of the motel strip, just where the private homes started. Nice, quiet spot, but within walking distance of the boardwalk, etc. LOTS of places to golf.

      You really should visit Brookgreen Gardens if you go. Very impressive.

      Charleston is also good. Less beachy, but lots of cultural events and attractions.

      Further south, St. Simon’s Island, GA is a great beach community if you’re planning to make the beach the central activity of your vacation.

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        St. Simon’s

        by jck ·

        In reply to Myrtle Beach is Nice

        is nice if you want nitelife to go out to.

        Jekyll Island is more quiet and less populous and has a 14 mile sidewalk around the island (or it did in 2001 last time I was there).

        It’s a GA state park that only is 33% populated, so it’s quiet all the time.

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      Thank you to everyone

      by tomsal ·

      In reply to Seeking Vacation Advice/Feedback

      Thanks for all the feedback/advice.

      Its nice to know that the hurricanes are rare there, the gf will like that (she’s terrified of storms particularly when lightning is present).

      I appreciate the feed back and yes I heard rave reviews about “House of Blues” everyone is telling me that is a MUST DO if you go down there. Cool!

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      Other Places

      by dbertsche ·

      In reply to Seeking Vacation Advice/Feedback

      Myrtle Beach is OK but have you considered some of the smaller beaches a little north of Myrtle in North Carolina? There’s Holden, Ocean Isle, and Sunset Beach. All three are nice, there’s not as many people as Myrtle, and the prices are going to be a little less. They’re approximately 40 miles or so from Myrtle so if you like the boardwalk stuff it’s an easy drive.

      I’ve vacationed twice at Sunset and it was really great. If you get 40 or 50 people on the beach there it’s a lot. Additionally if you like golf there are dozens of courses all around.

      Myrtle to me is just a little too commercial. You could also look at North Myrtle which is pretty nice.

      Good Luck

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        Good suggestion

        by awalt ·

        In reply to Other Places

        We have vacationed in Ocean Isle for about nine years now (we obviously like it). It all depends on what you are looking for, if it’s night life, you probably won’t enjoy the smaller beaches as well, but as dbertsche said, Myrtle is not that far of a drive. If you are more interested in the beach time, I would highly recommend one of the smaller beaches. About four or so years or so ago the beach at Ocean Isle was rebuilt and it is no where near as crowded as Myrtle.

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      Just back from vacation

      by av . ·

      In reply to Seeking Vacation Advice/Feedback

      (boo-hoo and tomorrow is MONDAY!) We went to Chincoteague, VA and VA Beach. VA Beach is a very busy area. It was nice but had too much traffic.

      Chincoteague was delightful. It isn’t crowded and I found it to be very relaxing. I absolutely fell in love with the wild ponies and Assateague wildlife refuge. All kinds of birding, boating and fishing. It is a very quiet place and very unique. Their seafood was the greatest. We didn’t have a bad meal there.

      We were real happy with the Hampton Inn accomodations. They have a great jacuzzi suite if you can get it. Comfort Inn was good too.

      I think September is a great time for vacation. True, it is hurricane season, but you just have to take your chances. Check out the Old Farmers Almanac for the week you want to go. Believe it or not, their weather forecasts are pretty good.

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        VA beach

        by itgirli ·

        In reply to Just back from vacation

        I live about 10 miles from va beach and if you would have mentioned you were vacationing in this area, I would have told you to avoid it. va beach is the biggest crap hole and they have homicides at the ocean front on a weekly basis. Chincoteague is a wonderful place. Were they having the pony run? I don’t remember if it was last week or this week. That is always fun.

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          I had no idea!

          by silvioandpauly ·

          In reply to VA beach

          We just got back from VA Beach – had a great time. Are you serious about it?

          The oceanfront was nice, but I noticed alot of police patrol on the street (which made me wonder). They put floodlights up which I hear fire nightly at 1:15 AM on the barfronts. (made me wonder too)

          It does get scary as you move inland to the natives.

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          It was nice about 20 years ago

          by av . ·

          In reply to VA beach

          Yeah, VA beach is not what I remembered. I wouldn’t go there again. Thankfully, I missed the homicides at the beach.

          Chincoteague was great. They said the pony swim was at the end of July. It must be something to see! I thought it was kind of sad that they sold off the babies to keep the herd thinned though. I guess they have to. There isn’t much square footage to chincoteague.

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      The perfect spot to “relax”

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to Seeking Vacation Advice/Feedback

      Block Island

      It’s an easy trip to a secluded spot where “relaxing” is always the order of the day. By boat or by air, getting to Block Island is an adventure in and of itself, without the hassle or expense.

      Bike around the island, walks on the beach, charter a fishing boat, sailing on the inland lake, dining in great restaurants, staying in one of the fabulous bed and breakfasts, etc.

      Block Island is the perfect “relaxing” get-away.

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