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Sen. Hatch's Induce Act

By oweneg ·

After reading the above column I have to think that a certain amount of legislative overkill is being enacted these days.

I live in Canada so presumably it won't affect me but I wonder if any Canadian politicians will consider similar legislation?

Recently Canada's Supreme Court rendered a decision that will curb the record companies sueing people and following a path already laid out in the US; but for how long.

As the article asks does this affect the First Amendment right of US citizens. If so what stand should IT professionals take.

Any comments out there?

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On Senator Orrin Hatch - and the act

by maxwell edison In reply to Sen. Hatch's Induce Act

Senator Orrin Hatch has always been one to over-react and over-regulate. He's the epitome of a Senator who thinks he knows what's best for everyone else. He's a pompous ?litist, and he's never impressed me. (He's a Republican, by the way, as am I.)

The act, itself, is another example of infringing on the rights of the many because of the illegal acts of a few. The same theory, by the way, should apply to any policy decision, not just this one. (Keep that in mind when it comes to arguments concerning gun control, certain "zero tolerance" policies, and so on.)

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