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Senator Tom Coburn for President

By Absolutely ·
No more earmarks, no exceptions.

All spending proposals should be submitted at once, accompanied by documentation of the claimed benefit of that proposal, and the parties that will benefit. Let the Senate and House debate the benefits of each project to the country in direct competition with every other project, not exchange favors for the benefit of their fiefdoms. We will all be more prosperous, except for corrupt politicians and the lobbyists who manipulate them with bribes and rob us all behind closed doors.

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Great Idea

by BFilmFan In reply to Senator Tom Coburn for P ...

Even if he doesn't run for President, that is an excellent idea. I can't see anyone thinking that was a bad idea.

I can see a scary coalition of power forming here where yourself, Max and I all agree on an idea. Have to be careful as the Universe and All life as we know it might end. :)

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I'm willing to take that chance.

by Absolutely In reply to Great Idea

"I can see a scary coalition of power forming here where yourself, Max and I all agree on an idea. Have to be careful as the Universe and All life as we know it might end."

I think it's more likely that fiscal responsibility in the United States will help protect and prolong life on Earth, and that the time that we have anything to do with the ultimate fate of the entire Universe is quite distant. But what do I know?

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Won't happen

by jdclyde In reply to Senator Tom Coburn for P ...

Because as much as the mindless masses snivil and complain about government "pork", the senators that get elected and RE-elected, ARE the senators that bring the most pork home to their states.

No pork, no re-election.

Too many leaches in the US that want someone else to pay their way. Why would they work hard when they can just vote away the money from the people that DO work for a living? Got to cut the strings to "mothers apron" and MAKE people take responsibility for their own actions.

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Constitutional solution

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Won't happen

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people"

A strict interpretation and enforcement of the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution would put an end to most earmarks, would cut government spending by a huge amount, and not only balance the budget, but would result in a huge budget surplus. We just need judges with the judicial temperament and the guts to enforce the 10th Amendment.

Most government programs that are not related to defense or diplomacy would be found to be unconstitutional under the wording of the 10th Amendment, since there are very few powers that are actually enumerated for the Federal government. Those government powers not specifically listed for the Federal government are up to the states to handle for themselves as they see fit. A strict reading of the 10th Amendment could be used to roll back those programs that started with the "New Deal" and have greatly expanded since then, and restore the government to its intended size.

Powers specifically delegated to the Federal government:

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instead of waiting for better judges to magically appear

by Absolutely In reply to Constitutional solution

The public needs to lead the elected officials. Allowing them to consider themselves "leaders" has made this mess. Continuing to indulge the nonsensical idea that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, can be administered in top-down management style, will only cause matters to continue to get worse.

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I wonder

by Absolutely In reply to Won't happen

Is it "snivil" -ing to hate corruption?

Can people not be convinced that they're better off without their pork, because they'll keep more in reduced taxes than they lose in pork, which is just a portion of the taxes they pay, which make it back to their home district, to be spent by the government anyway, not by themselves? Eliminate all earmarks, and the money not only doesn't go to DC to be laundered, it doesn't even leave your home!

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you seem to forget

by jdclyde In reply to I wonder

that many of the poor poor don't pay taxes?

And many don't look at anything long term, just what is in it for them NOW.

I am not disagreeing that this is a good idea, I am just saying it would never fly.

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by Absolutely In reply to you seem to forget

Other than the bribe recipients in DC, whose rational interests are served by the status quo? Why not try to explain why not sending the money to Washington DC, then getting some of it back to the district, would be better for everybody in the district, even those who are net recipients of wealth redistribution schemes, which are not earmark programs? Why give up without starting? Are you a natural-born quitter? You express yourself more like an American than an American't. Are you faking it?

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