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Serious security issue (JOKE, JOKE, STUPID JOKE!)

By pennatomcat ·
Thought I would share this with everyone. One of my friends sent it to me.

This is upsetting--I thought I should pass it along. Did you know that you can now see anyone's Driver's License on the internet, including your own? I just searched for mine and there it was--photo and all!! Thanks Homeland Security! Where is our right to privacy?

I definitely removed mine. I suggest that you do the same.

Go to the web site and check it out. Just enter your name, city and state to see if yours is on file. After your license comes on the screen, click the box marked "Please Remove". This will remove it from public viewing, but not from law enforcement.

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by mjd420nova In reply to Serious security issue (J ...

All I got was a photo of a monkey??

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by jdclyde In reply to REALLY??

you do know it was a joke, right? :0

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Holy Smoke!!!!!

by Hermit47 In reply to wow

It looks exactly like my younger brother. I should tell him right away;;;-))))))P

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All I got was...

by icubub In reply to REALLY??

All I got was a picture of your mother!

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Trust and responsibility

by StanW In reply to REALLY??

TechRepublic should be not just ashamed, but do something about the implicit gross violation of public trust involved. Trust is easy to distroy, hard to restore and the source of your readership.

Sure, it is true that one needs to be circumspect about everything you read - but consider what the loss of commercial respect means to your reputation. For instance, would you expect the NYTimes to do better in their efforts to resist the urge to pull a stunt like printing a bold headline "Wallstreet on verge of historic collapse" just to see if they could create it? (Ignoring that, in many ways they're doing it via their manifest media bias chipping away at public faith everyday.) Consider what happens when the induced crisis is underway? What, for example, would we the public be left to think when they try to calm the real thing?

TR: Please think carefully before you make reality worse.

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There is some good in it.

by C_Tharp In reply to Trust and responsibility

Well, you were duped and possibly embarrassed. This time it was innocent, if we are to believe the message on the site.

All of us need an occassional wake up call to how easy it is to be niave. This could have been a phish. It is a good example of how dangerous the Internet can be.

We should laugh at it and say to ourself, "I need to be careful."

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Be careful out there...

by CompHelpNJ In reply to There is some good in it.

Sure, it could have been a phish scam. That's why I entered by brother's info instead of mine!

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Thank you

by developer In reply to Trust and responsibility

Following the link to see a monkey on a driver's license, caused me to be ashamed. Reading your response restored my self esteem and hopefully will make me think 'outside the box', as you did so well, when responding to bully type behaviour. I think the destructiveness of this trick, was on a more personal level than a newspaper headline, but along the same lines. Regardless, your response is well said.

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Please help me

I need your help, I need to you go and ask all of your friends or just people anywhere if they might be able to assist you in finding a life and a sense of humor. If you can't sit back and enjoy a funny little joke like this then maybe you should consider shooting yourself in the face 20-30 times. If your life is that bad and you are that angry then do us all a solid. Myself, I emailed the link to everone in the company and as the Sr. Sys Admin, I penned the email to look just like a real serious security threat.

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Wow Stan. What are you on?

by nelsonjgil In reply to Trust and responsibility

Seriously man. You should stay away from the stuff you're smoking. It is not only taking away your sense of humor but making you ramble senseless.

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