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Here is where interesting things begin to happen!

The enviroment is now 'enstalled' - this is where you decide where it is going to be involved!, ENSTALLED is the correct term when you are formming things so that other enviroments can interact with "YOURS" but under a set of particular rules. YOUR particular enviroment is conditioned by the things done before this and those that follow, as well as the things that will be done by others in different fields than that of Computer Operator. The three most common enviroments as Base Enviroments are : Business; Home; and Neighborhood. Of course there are others, with combinations of them available too, here we are going to do Business Enviroment.

This is the only ?WARE? that is put in in the this order: The cammand is to load enviroment business (with the e & b capitalized) this is done first so that the computer knows what to do when it installs to make the space a volumne lined with this and all the process?rs that are business in place. Following that it is activated and the next step is ready to begin as soon as it is indicated that it is ready.

Now ready you install, load and set to run office in the correct mode so that it can have the correct machines possibe and available.

Enta Wanabi

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by The Scummy One In reply to SET-UP, CLASS FOURTEEN

"Here is where interesting things begin to happen! "
This means that since you are now plugged into MS in some way, that you are 'enstalled' (not installed, enstalled is the correct term).
By 'Interesting things' you should start seeing threats from MS requesting payments for this and or that.
There are common operating environments while plugged into the MS model, those are home, business, and neighborhood. There are many others, but business is the one that is being discussed here.

"This is the only ?WARE? that is put in in the this order"

This is the easy part. After MS loads its ?Ware? (rootkits, probing programs, etc.) they will run at startup of your new OS. The cammand (not command, similar but different) loads the Business Environment (stated earlier) and begins to utilize a page file on the HDD and physical memory where the processes will remain. Now you should have all of the proper plug-ins and rootkits to install Office (for a fee). Next lesson is to setup Office and configure it.

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Thanks, but you forgot to capitalize.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to interpreted

The original post clearly states the 'E' and 'B' in 'Business Environment' must be capitalized. Other than that, your interpretation was every bit as clear as the original.

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by The Scummy One In reply to Thanks, but you forgot to ...

I will go back and edit it. Thank You!

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