Setting Default Printer for all users XP Pro 03

By middlechild362 ·
Ok We just had 55 computers donated to replace our lab. We are loading XP Pro 03 on them with Office 07 pro plus. I want to be able to have the students already have a printer set up when they first logon to these computers.

Please and Thank You!

Thank You ALL Very Much!!!!!!!

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Setting Default Printer for all users XP Pro

by Jacky Howe In reply to Setting Default Printer f ...

I am not sure how you are mapping the printers but you could try this. It is called from the logon script or added to startup.
EG:if "%OS%" == "Windows_NT" call c:\print.bat

You will need the file con2prt.exe installed on each workstation. It can be found on the resource kit CD. Create a batch file to run on startup. EG:Print.bat
con2prt /f

con2prt /cd \\"severname"\"printer share name" Black
con2prt /c \\"severname"\"printer share name" Colour
con2prt /c \\"severname"\"printer share name" Poster

Below this line is the Help File.
CON2PRT: Lets the user disconnect all existing connections to Windows NT printers and connect to newly specified Windows NT printers.Usage: CON2PRT [ /? | /h | /f | [/c \\printserver\share | /cd \\printserver\share]+] where: /? - displays usage. /h - displays usage. /f - deletes all existing printer connections. /c - connects to \\printserver\share printer. /cd - connects to \\printserver\share printer and sets it as the default printer. NOTE: /?, /h can only be the first parameter and if specified further interpretation of the command line is stopped. /f can also only be the first parameter, however it doesn't stop further interpretation of the command line. Any number of /c and /cd parameters can be specified however only the first /cd sets the printer specified as the default.Hint: Use --Net View \\printserver-- to determine available print shares.

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If networked, it's easy

by IC-IT In reply to Setting Default Printer f ...

Especially if you are setting up an image to push to all computers.
Set the printer up on a local TCP/IP port (from the admin account).
Anyone who logs on will have the printer available.

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Add a per machine printer connection

by rahouseholder In reply to Setting Default Printer f ...

If you add a per machine printer connection, every user who logs on to the machine will have access to it. Here is the syntaxx for the command

RUNDLL32 PRINTUI.DLL,PrintUIEntry /ga /c\\computername /n\\server\printer /j"LanMan Print Services"

The quotes ARE required. Here is a website with more commands if you would like to force a default printer or set a printer comment...

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